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Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Good, The Great and the Necessary.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Good, The Great and the Necessary.

AWS is designed to support multi-cloud deployments

The past year may have been rocky, but for Amazon Web Services (AWS) it saw the company named Cloud Leader for the 10th year in a row by Gartner in its Infrastructure & Platform Services Magic Quadrant and continues to hold the lead in market share in worldwide cloud infrastructure at 33%. In fact, the percentage of market share that Amazon currently has is as much as the combined market share of its top three competitors. 

Step into the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions are scalable and flexible, offering organisations the tools required to slip neatly into the cloud without excessive investment or complexity. The tools and solutions on offer from the cloud giant vary from organisation to need to cost factor, and they allow for organisations to step into cloud without having to leave behind legacy infrastructure or take unnecessary risks. AWS offers organisations the opportunity to experiment with cloud functionality within a hybrid model and it has everything needed for the business to adopt a comprehensive public cloud solution, leaving all need for tin behind. 

In short, AWS has an impressive market share for a very good reason. 

The Great

AWS offers an impressive stack of products that allows the business to explore multiple functionalities without having to explore the depths of their bank accounts. From artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to 5G, edge compute and serverless architecture, AWS has all the parts the business needs to transform networking, server access and storage, as well as performance, intelligence and insights. 

AWS offers an impressive stack of products

With AWS, organisations can move smoothly into digital transformation without feeling that they’re leaping off the edge of the digital cliff. Existing infrastructure and investment can be easily leveraged alongside AWS to enhance performance and process. AWS is also compatible with SAP – their partnership has been in place since 2011 – so organisations can certify AWS for production deployments of SAP applications, platforms and databases. These offerings have evolved steadily over the past nine years to ensure that compute, storage, database and access are seamless.

AWS is designed to support multi-cloud deployments, hybrid infrastructure, public cloud deployments, as-a-Service platforms and services, and offers a massive selection of products that can be mixed and matched to achieve customised business outcomes. 

AWS is designed to support multi-cloud deployments

The Necessary

AWS helps organisations to modernise and digitise workloads whether they remain on-prem or slide into the cloud. The services on offer allow for the business to take measured steps on a cloud journey that fit the budget and the risk profile. The benefits that come from AWS, however, are felt with the right implementing partner – this is the necessary. The technology and the services used to achieve your business outcomes should be developed in tandem with a trusted partner that understands how to get the most from AWS and your existing infrastructure. 

ETZ Global knows exactly how to ensure your business gets the AWS benefits it needs. With our extensive qualifications and experience, plus backing from both AWS and SAP, we can help you transform your digital transformation into a strategy that works for your business and your budget.  Contact us to find out how we can turn your business into a cloud-powered success story, collaboratively.

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