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disaster recovery

The invaluable value of disaster recovery

Resilience shapes sustainable success Resilience. This has become one of the definitive words of the 2020s. The word that describes the organisation capable of bouncing back after a hack. That captures the efficiency of a company capable of remaining online during a pandemic. And that shapes sustainable success in a mercurial and uncertain operating environment.

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How To: SSO with Fiori Launchpad and Google G-Suite

2022/07/21 – By Tim Watkins. In this blog post I will discuss and demonstrate the configuration of Google G-suite IDP Single sign-on with an SAP Fiori Launchpad on-premise system running S/4HANA 1909 or higher. As I could not find a similar guide with this combination (most include Azure as an Identity Provider with SAP), I

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Outsourcing the problem

The digital skills gap is an expensive problem. According to a report by Korn Ferry, the talent shortage is a $8.5 trillion problem with 85 million jobs unfilled because skilled people are missing in action. The 2022 Deloitte CEO survey also highlighted talent and skill gaps as a key issue that will very likely impact

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When your ERP is all grown up and ready to go

Legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments often don’t deliver on their promised premise. In fact, Forrester believes that the real value of ERP can only be found in building digital operations platforms that that allow for increased agility, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and that fully leverage the value of experience, insights and data.

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4 things modern erp systems do for your business

4 things modern ERP systems do for your business

McKinsey summed up one of the biggest problems that has plagued the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation – no clear return on business value. This is not a small problem. The cost of implementing an ERP technology platform can be high and it brings with it complexity and customisation expectations that take time to

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Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP

Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP A well-integrated, high-functioning enterprise resource platform (ERP) will provide decision-makers with connected insights throughout the organisation by bringing together information from across the critical silos of human resources (HR), distribution, sales, marketing finance, and more. It has also become a competitive differentiator.  At a time when

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SAP migration on hyperscalers: The smart move that delivers intelligent results

Hyperscale compute is defined by four very important key words that deliver significant benefits to the enterprise: scalability, flexibility, elasticity, and cost. The big name hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google offer impressive quantities of each of these qualities, and allow for organisations to evolve infrastructure, operations and approaches on demand and in alignment

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud-based disaster recovery

SAP S/4HANA Cloud-based disaster recovery: Quick and painless

Your data is a commodity. It’s the grease that smooths digital pathways. It’s the insights that refine products and services. It’s also the very expensive and damning mistake if it’s lost or stolen. For it is data that’s layered with legislative protections – there are now more than 150 worldwide on a par with, or

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ETZ Global Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Quick and painless: Cloud-based disaster recovery

Disaster recovery using a cloud-based service has fast become a must-have mainstream essential for the modern organisation. According to the 2021 Data Protection Trends report by Veeam, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) tops the list of essentials for global organisations. The same survey also found that the ability to manage disaster recovery via a

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