ETZ Global Wins APN SAP Partner of the Year Award 2020
ETZ Global Wins APN SAP Partner of the Year Award 2020

The win cements the collaboration with AWS in providing complete cloud services and solutions that deliver what enterprise customers need today ETZ Global works with AWS to create solutions that help customers implement, migrate and manage SAP applications on AWS 10 November 2020: ETZ Global, a market leader in providing hybrid cloud solutions to global […]

The digital collaborator
Hybrid cloud best practice for sustainable success.

Organisations are facing a complex road ahead. The pandemic has hit every economy and country and many organisations leapt into digital solutions at a speed that surprised even themselves. From reluctant digital toe-dipping in hybrid cloud to comprehensive digital transformation, companies embraced what digital could offer them so that they could continue to offer their […]

ETZ Cloud Investment Trends
The statistics of cloud

It is nearing the end of 2020, the year that changed the face of enterprise cloud investment forever. The year that introduced remote working, revamped security and immediate digital transformation to almost every organisation on the planet. As the months pull the world towards a new year, this is the right time to take a […]

Distributed cloud
Never put your cloud in one place…

Welcome to distributed cloud. Don’t put your cloud in one place. Introduced by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and multiple datacentres across multiple locations, the distributed cloud is about to change the world of work. Again.  Gartner defines the distributed cloud as the ‘distribution of public cloud services to different physical […]

 The right SAP and AWS partner
Innovate your enterprise like an entrepreneur.

When it comes to creating the ultimate enterprise hybrid cloud solution the market is spoiled for choice. Microsoft, SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have created collaborative ecosystems designed to provide enterprises with remarkable cloud capabilities and scale within increasingly agile and relevant frameworks. Microsoft Azure and SAP deliver one neat package of excellence to […]

The SAP and Microsoft Azure partnership
Collaboration in the hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud collaboration hands the organisation the ability to retain granular control over compliance, policy and security. It’s the intelligent answer to the problem of where to put the data and where to manage the workloads. It’s also evolving at a rapid pace with organisations such as SAP and Microsoft developing solutions and systems that […]

Hybrid cloud connection
The hybrid cloud connection.

The cloud technology industry can be legitimately defined by two things. Its ability to create remarkable solutions that change the face of business, and the confusion that generally accompanies the terminology that describes these solutions. The hybrid cloud connection conundrum. When cloud computing was first discussed in board rooms and at presentations, more than one […]

The buzzword for 2020? Collaboration
The buzzword for 2020? Collaboration.

Specifically SAP and AWS collaboration! SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been collaborating with one another to create inventive and, dare it be said, innovative solutions for their customers for more than 10 years. SAP is a hefty sized AWS customer and a significant percentage of SAP’s customers run the tech on the AWS […]