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The death of SQL was greatly exaggerated

SQL is middle aged. In fact, at 43 years old, it’s looking pretty good compared to some of the younger challengers on the market. It remains the most common language used by the business world, and the most accessible and adaptable when it comes to database management tools and frameworks. With SQL, developers can create […]

Database freedom with SAP MaxDB and Sybase ASE

Some database solutions offer you the scalability and financial flexibility you need to get the most from storage and data Want database freedom? Scalable and cost-effective relational database solutions that can be customised to fit your business? SAP MaxDB and Sybase ASE can both provide you with exactly that. These long-standing relational databases built on […]

Deadlines aren’t drawn in the cloud

Cloud migration must follow a clearly defined strategy to ensure it hits deadlines and meets expectations In our previous article, Leapfrog the migration challenge, we examined some of the essential steps to ensuring a seamless cloud migration for the organisation. Alongside having the right skills, developing a clear strategy is considered one of the most […]

the Right partner for Cloud Migration Strategy
Leapfrog the migration challenge.

Find the right skills and support to ensure a seamless migration into the cloud. A recent survey by O’Reilly examined the challenges faced by more than 500 IT executives when it came to cloud, migration, and investment. The survey found that around 45% of CxOs found the migration from legacy architecture was one of the […]

Insights require experts. IaaS 2020.

Want to know what trends are set to shape Infrastructure-as-a-Service in 2020? – Done. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) remains one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions on the market. Gartner’s recently released statistics show an industry that grew by 31.3% in 2018 to a total revenue of $32.4 billion. Its flexibility, scalability and feature-rich technology stack has made […]

SAP Netweaver. Should you stay, or should you go?

The move from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA doesn’t have to be an all-out bolt out the stable, there’s plenty of time. SAP NetWeaver has been a solid and reliable part of the SAP software stable for 15 years. Built on the Service-Oriented Architecture approach, it’s a flexible and powerful tool that helps the business […]

It’s not an invasion. It’s a transformation.

Collaborating with experts for additional on-site support is about complementing existing teams, not replacing them. Pivot. Evolve. Adapt. Be agile.  The business is under constant pressure from stakeholders, customers and markets to shift and change on a technology-powered dime and to always be ahead of the ever-evolving competition. Ergo, it’s not an invasion: it’s a […]

The great IaaS migration

Digital. Connectivity. Innovation. Transformation. These are the four words that currently shape how organisations view the future and their investments into cloud solutions that will ensure they’re ready for this future AKA the great IaaS cloud solutions migration. According to Gartner, cloud-based spend is on track to eclipse non-cloud spend by 2022. That’s in less […]

Prepare for the Cloud

Things consider if you’re using cloud services or are in the market for a cloud migration. Tips for cloud services vs cloud migration. Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching a new region in South Africa soon. Microsoft Azure is already there. Noise levels regarding migrations to the Cloud will ramp up in that region […]