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Building the elephant, one intelligent piece at a time

Building the elephant, one intelligent piece at a time

Building the elephant, one intelligent piece at a time

In spite of a global rush to digital, organisations are still facing immense hurdles on the road to digitalisation and cloud. The scope for technology investment and integration can seem as insurmountable as eating the proverbial elephant. But, just as with the proverb, the answer to the How is simple – one bite at a time.

Building the elephant, one intelligent piece at a time

And this is exactly why ETZ Global has developed a strategic roadmap for organisations looking to embark on the journey to SAP S/4HANA, one part of the tech elephant at a time. An established and safe pair of hands that collaborate with in-house support and preferred vendors to provide a fresh perspective around the move to SAP S/4HANA. A move that will become mandatory in 2027 when SAP ends support for ERP versions prior to S/4HANA.

So, that’s the Why.

This is the ETZ Global How:

  1. A clearly defined pathway through migration that bypasses the confusing information and overwhelming coverage and instead is simple, clear and relevant to your business. The key word here is ‘relevant’ – the migration route that worked for someone else may not work for your business so we help you find the route that will work, for you.
  2. A systematic approach to your migration that finds the facts, that works out the best deal for your specific business situation, and that is based on trusted and verifiable advice. Instead of undertaking the complex and painstaking mandatory readiness check yourselves prior to SAP S4/HANA migration, we run the exercise for you in a fast and efficient process that will deliver the right insights to your business at the right time.
  3. A detour to the Cloud while we undertake the check. As an option, we demonstrate the scalability, flexibility and performance of the cloud by prototyping your SAP system and run the readiness checks from there.
  4. Your digital GP providing a second opinion that helps you make the right choices for your long-term business health. We run a detailed scan that will identify the customised code objects you have in use and how many of these will either be redundant, or not work on the new simplified SAP S/4HANA structures.
  5. A combined service delivered by a trusted advisor who understands exactly what you need to know in order to make your migration as seamless and cost-effective as possible. We can help you establish exactly how much effort will be needed to make your SAP S/4HANA transition and ensure that your approaches are customised and relevant.
  6. Answers to the most common questions around the journey to SAP S/4HANA, answers that can help you define your future without the hassle, unplanned costs, complications or risks that you’re legitimately concerned about.
  7. 2027 may be far away. But it really isn’t. It’s in five years that can disappear in the click of a mouse and no organisation wants to be caught with their technology falling limply by the wayside at a critical business juncture.

ETZ Global is extensively qualified in the migration of SAP workloads to the cloud using a hand-selected, highly experienced and passionate team of people with a global presence. Our expertise is proven and recognised (AWS SAP Competency | SAP Partner of the Year), and we know how to help you achieve your migration needs without the stress. Say goodbye to the fear of the unknown and hello to absolute SAP S/4AHANA visibility, contact us.

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