ETZ Global


Business Consulting and Functional Services

We offer consulting skills, functional and SAP technology expertise, via a team of highly experienced SAP professionals that take you beyond the technological dimension.


Expert Consultants

Our functional consultants have industry specific expertise alongside deep knowledge of best practices to improve your business processes and capture more value.

Our clients are ensured the highest results from matching the best skills. We can improve all aspects of businesses of various sizes across differing industries through our vast experience of processes and intimate knowledge of SAP technology.

At ETZ Global, our reputation is built upon ensuring that we deliver what we promise, on time, and on budget.


Functional and industry-specific SAP consulting

At ETZ Global we endeavour to find you the best match for your specific business and industry. With our vast network of SAP Business and Functional Consultants we do not only focus on the core SAP Business Module but also look at your industry and the specific business challenges which your industry may pose for a successful SAP Implementation. Most of our SAP Consultants are not only multi skilled when it comes to SAP Business solutions but are also experienced across multiple Industries. Some of the major industries which our consultants focus on are: 


Business Best Practices

Our Functional Team is always ready to assist your company with SAP Business Process Improvement. We can identify inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in business processes and deliver recommendations to optimize these business processes. These analysis for optimization and Improvement are mainly focused on existing SAP Implementations. In most cases where analysis has been performed, we have identified significant potential for improving the existing SAP Implementation. 

Conducting an analysis of your existing business processes may be a good point of departure for your journey to migrating to S4/HANA.  


Business Process Intelligence

At ETZ Global, we provide the foundation for companies to become intelligent enterprises, enabling you to make impactful changes to run your business better by growing more resilient, more profitable, and more sustainable.

By using SAP Analytics tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud your Enterprise can continuously analyse, model, simulate, automate, improve, and monitor processes efficiently with business process intelligence.

Our holistic integration approach goes far beyond technical integration of applications by integrating both technology and business processes to deliver significant value to your business – helping you become an intelligent enterprise.


Cost-benefit analyses

Our Expert SAP Functional and Business Consultants will not only assist and advise your business with your business strategy goal but will also assist with the success of your SAP S/4 HANA project as it depends on having the right tools and practices, and a knowledgeable, expert team. We can place world-leading competencies at the disposal of our customers. Due to our network of specialists worldwide and our numerous innovations – including industry-specific process models and pre-configured core components – we are faster and better at delivering SAP solutions than many of our competitors. 

We do not only assist with the technical aspects of your solution such as important decisions relating to a Hosted, On Premise or Hybrid model but also assist with decisions relating to business processes and guidance with assessing the business benefits and cost analysis before you start a project such as using our Migration Primer Service.


Working with The Right Partner

It is important to team with the right partner that can provide services over a wide range of functional areas.

ETZ Global can supply you with experienced consultants, whether it is to walk the complete project journey or plug a hole in your team. We bring the benefit of years of experience and best practice methodologies gathered over many projects to your needs.

For your functional and industry-specific SAP consulting