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Capturing the benefits of AWS with SAP expertise

Capturing the benefits of AWS with SAP expertise

Capturing The Benefits Of AWS With SAP Expertise

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP have long had a solid and customer beneficial relationship. AWS is the only cloud provider that offers a SAP competency for partners and the two organisations have announced several partnership programmes designed to leverage off the potential of both platforms. A great example is the Embrace project, that uses AWS and global service integrators to make the move to SAP S/4HANA in language and reference architecture as seamless as possible. 

Capturing the benefits of AWS with SAP expertise

Amazon’s hyperscale capabilities are a solid fit for SAP’s impressive digital legacy, especially its cloud transformation and SAP-as-a-Service solutions. The organisation that holds SAP in one hand, can easily embed agility and scale into its architecture if it holds AWS in the other. This is made significantly easier by the rise of service providers and system integrators that understand the value of both platforms and that can help with the development of an elastic and agile architecture that’s capable of modernisation and transformation. 

Which is why you need the right partner

AWS has more than 12 years of running SAP workloads. You want a partner that has at least that much weight under its belt when it comes to either SAP or AWS, or both. You also want a partner that understands how to manage the migration onto AWS so it doesn’t become a lift-and-shift disaster that takes twice as long for half the deliverables. This is key because AWS as a platform is designed to make migration as simple as possible. This underpins AWS’ strategy of being as accessible as possible, and SAP’s commitment to delivering agile digital infrastructure.

Your partner needs to be capable of marrying these two strategies so your business can achieve impressive performance with certified cloud-native virtual instances certified for SAP HANA and an access to an extensive list of services that allow for ongoing SAP innovation and invention. With AWS, your business is taking advantage of a really solid hyperscale foundation with servers, networking and storage all handled in a cloud space that’s got few competitors on the market. 

What can the right partner do?

ETZ Global can help you with either easing your way into cloud with AWS and SAP, or accelerating your digital transformation strategy. Either way, we’ve got the expertise that’s built on rock-solid SAP and AWS foundations and a long-standing market reputation. Working with global organisations, we’ve evolved our capabilities alongside those of AWS and SAP. We understand their nuances and requirements and have the ability to manage testing, training, hosting, trial solutions, disaster recovery and multiple other solutions and applications according to your business requirements.

Having worked with leading companies such as Savantis and GlueData to create elastic and agile environments with SAP and AWS, ETZ Global has the toolkits and the talent to partner with you to do more. Contact us to find out how we can partner with you to pull the elastic into your business with the technology that you want. 

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