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Collaboration in the hybrid cloud

Collaboration in the hybrid cloud

The SAP and Microsoft Azure partnership

Hybrid cloud collaboration hands the organisation the ability to retain granular control over compliance, policy and security. It’s the intelligent answer to the problem of where to put the data and where to manage the workloads. It’s also evolving at a rapid pace with organisations such as SAP and Microsoft developing solutions and systems that enhance and support hybrid cloud platforms by aligning them with relevant industry requirements. 

Collaboration in the Hybrid Cloud

The SAP and Microsoft Azure partnership

In an initiative described as ‘Embrace’, both Microsoft Azure and SAP cemented a preferred partnership arrangement that provided both with access to networks of relevant service providers, system integrators and expertise. The goal of the initiative is to pull together the engineering, the skills and the intelligence of both companies into one accessible space so that customers can benefit from solutions that are more closely tailored to their needs. 

The alliance does more than just give the tech giants access to broader markets, it has real-world and measurable benefits for organisations looking to invest in hybrid cloud solutions. In a world where everything is becoming more expensive, where data is becoming increasingly important, and cloud-based infrastructure becoming more relevant, few companies can afford to ignore cloud investment, nor can they afford to invest into any old solution. Hybrid has to be customised and it has to be strategic in order to deliver the results. What SAP and Azure bring to the party is combined expertise and intelligence that can support any company in modernising its infrastructure, embedding digital into its culture, and fully capturing the insights trapped in its data.

The SAP and Microsoft Azure partnership

The Microsoft Azure platform is scalable and secure, and it’s agile enough to adapt to what your company actually needs right now while remaining stable enough to pivot towards what your company may need tomorrow. It also ticks these seven, seriously excellent, boxes:

  1. Your hybrid cloud will be secured by the best. The combined certifications and compliance accreditations of SAP and Microsoft are more than 50 in total, and all are focused on your peace of mind.
  2. Your company will become more productive. The feature sets, the capabilities, the streamlining of systems, the automation of mundane tasks – your people will appreciate every click and will have more time to do more with their time.
  3. The price point is important. With hybrid cloud investment you can cut your infrastructure costs, your licensing and maintenance costs, and your ongoing CAPEX significantly.
  4. Disaster recovery and business continuity. Azure and SAP understand risk and they have solid and reliable protections in place that will put your business back in business after a disaster.
  5. Scale your business at pace. Most importantly, scale up or down at your pace, and retain tighter control over costs, infrastructure and business needs.
  6. Bend your business environments to your will. SAP and Azure offer superb flexibility so you can spin systems up or down on demand.
  7. Integrate with ease. Designed for simplicity and seamlessness, these solutions aren’t about complexity, they’re about manageability and integrated accessibility. 

But where do we start?

You’re going to want to work with a partner that knows the ins and outs of both Microsoft Azure and SAP. A partner that understands how your business works and how to work with you to achieve your short- and long-term strategic investment goals. ETZ Global is a specialist in hybrid cloud collaboration, assisting in the development and deployment and working with you to create the infrastructure you need. 

We can help you maximise your hybrid cloud investment and make the right moves into a sustainable cloud portfolio. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create market-leading solutions. 

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