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Nobody puts your business in the corner

Nobody puts your business in the corner

Nobody puts your business in the corner

In challenging times, which these most certainly are, companies often feel pushed into corners or tugged in all directions when it comes to their technology investment and digital transformation. A strategy is one thing, but technology is so rapidly evolving and changing that it can be hard to align the two. When is the business supposed to pin down its technology choices and how can it evaluate which choices will best suit it, both today and tomorrow?

As relevant questions go, this is perhaps one of the most relevant in the current climate. 

Organisations need to invest in the solutions that are right for their business but they also need to be able to keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of tightening budgets and limited resources. It’s a difficult line – on one hand, technology is an enabler and digitalisation is an investment into sustainable business growth. On the other hand, technology can be expensive and what happens to the legacy technology that’s already in the business?

Nobody puts your business in the corner

The evolution of expertise

It’s time to push back. Yes, upgrading from an older SAP ERP platform to SAP S/4 HANA is a very sexy and advanced transformation that will deliver all types of technical marvels. Yes, moving from a weighty and more expensive technology investment to the cloud is going to refine and reshape your CAPEX to OPEX and streamline your capabilities. 

But this can be done incrementally and in alignment with budget and strategy. It can be done sustainably and with a precise timeline that fits your business growth and market. It can be done in a way that suits your very unique requirements.

Our goal at ETZ Global is to work with brands to develop solutions that are suited to what they need and that are truly developed to work within their constraints. This is why we have developed longstanding relationships with companies like AWS – we both believe that our role is to help you to invest strategically in the cloud and to do so at your own pace. With our deep understanding of cloud, digital transformation, AWS and SAP solutions, we can help you to move your business into the digital era with a roadmap that suits you, perfectly.

Its a marathon not a race

The strategic partner

The value of a trusted partner cannot be emphasised enough. A trusted partner will work with you to help get the most out of your legacy environment while still leveraging the potential of digital transformation. A trusted partner will also be capable of helping you to make the leap from legacy to full digital transformation seamlessly. 

This is where ETZ Global excels. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their investments are ones that will deliver sustainable value and return on investment, and that can be leveraged to further their move towards digitalisation and cloud capabilities. Our focus is not on shoehorning technology but in crafting solutions that are capable of agility and scalability, and that can flex and pivot according to the changing needs of your business.

Market leading solutions Using leading technologies - digital transformation

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