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How to overcome three of the most common migration challenges

How to overcome three of the most common migration challenges

How to overcome three of the most common migration challenges

After the rapid digitisation and transformation forced on organisations over the past year, cloud has proven itself an invaluable ally. It allows for organisations to transform their existing infrastructure, futureproof legacy architecture, and strategically invest into solutions that allow for improved performance, growth and capability. But, there is no one size fits all approach to migrating to the cloud and many organisations are struggle to align their requirements with reality.

Migration can feel daunting, complex and overwhelming. Solution selection and platform determination complicated by hype and limited visibility. Here are the three most common, and how you can overcome them…

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Challenge 01: Budget sprawl

At first, your cloud investment seemed extremely cost effective. You didn’t have to pay for tin, your services were hosted by someone else, admin was right down, security and patches were someone else’s problem and you could scale up or down on demand. Then, the invoice that was only a few thousand dollars changed to an invoice of thousands of dollars. Or perhaps your initial spend suddenly mutated, grew, and expanded, sprawling alongside cloud instances. To resolve this, ensure you have a tight grasp on costs from day one, and that they are consistently assessed and measured against performance and return on investment (ROI). It’s also important to work with a trusted partner who understands what your business actually needs and will ensure your costs are kept in line with your expectations.

Challenge 02: Strategic vision

Cloud investment requires a long- and short-term strategic vision that ensures every step, instance, investment and plan is aligned to what the company wants to achieve. It’s easy to discover that you’ve already spent quite a bit on cloud migration only to discover it went in the wrong direction. Strategy is the foundation that underpins successful cloud migration, and keeps it focused on the outcomes and ROI.

How to overcome three of the most common migration challenge

Challenge 03: Culture Brakes

Cloud offers up a plethora of possibilities on its table, but if the people don’t understand them, want them, or use them, then they are of little to no value. A wasted investment. Ensure that your entire company is aware of the plan to adopt cloud solutions, understands how hybrid cloud works, and can see the value in the change. If the people who are fundamental to the use of cloud are on board with its implementation, then you will reap the benefits. To overcome this very common challenge, get employee and leadership buy in before you start, and then approach your migration steadily. It’s as acceptable to move to hybrid cloud slow and steady, in bite-sized chunks, as it is to undertake a comprehensive hybrid cloud overhaul. The point isn’t the volume, it’s the strategy and the people.

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