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Digital Transformation & Cloud Infrastructures

Organisations are facing a complex road ahead. The pandemic has hit every economy and country and many organisations leapt into digital solutions at a speed that surprised even themselves. From reluctant digital toe-dipping in hybrid cloud to comprehensive digital transformation, companies embraced what digital could offer them so that they could continue to offer their services. However, this rapid shift into digital process didn’t come with a digital mindset which means that organisations need to find their feet in the post-pandemic world.

Many companies are struggling to marry the old ways of working with the new. Some have scuttled straight back into the traditional office mindset the moment that the lockdowns eased. The risk, however, of ignoring the problems that come with digital transformation is that the company will never fully realise the value of its technology investment. Technology, while immensely valuable and capable, isn’t a magical tool that will wave away legacy problems and bring about immediate change.

The challenges of digital

The challenges of digital

As with any renovation, changing up the technology that upholds the internal structures of the business will introduce new challenges and highlight unexpected problems that have to be addressed before the benefits will be felt. The rapid modernisation undertaken by the organisation didn’t happen in a vacuum – there are knock-on effects and legacy issues and problems that had been hidden beneath those proverbial carpets.

One of the biggest problems that most companies face right now is the internal culture. People need to understand the value of the technology and have the right processes in place to benefit from it. The same applies to the skills that are needed to manage the solution and to ensure that implementation fits the unique requirements of the business. IT decision makers need to look at enhancing their existing investment with solutions that are best suited to their particular gaps in knowledge, capability and security.

What’s also needed for every company right now is some sense that any investment into any technology, be it hybrid or otherwise, will deliver a return on the investment (ROI). This is not the time to spend for very little reward which means that everything needs to sit under a cost microscope and its value has to be clear from the outset.

Unfortunately, this value isn’t always visible. Investing into best of breed solutions and undertaking best practice in their implementation won’t always yield instant results. It will allow for the organisation to choose what it needs now with the option to add what it may need later without having to redefine its entire infrastructure all over again. And this is why it has become critical for any company involved in any digital project to work with the right partner.

The digital collaborator

The digital collaborator

Don’t bother investing into digital without the right insight, expertise and advice. It’s that simple. The solutions providers will always believe that theirs is the best. The technology developers will always put their platforms at the forefront of any discussion. To really explore the value of technology, work with a partner that can help you deliver the disruptive agility you need and that has a deep understanding of the market and the different vendors and solutions.

A digital collaborator will ensure that your technology today is capable of evolving into tomorrow without extensive expense while delivering on ROI. This is where ETZ Global comes in – we’ve worked with companies all over the world, providing them with insight and expertise that allows them to make the right digital investments at the right time. 

ETZ Global has an in-depth understanding of hybrid cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, and the variances and capabilities of these cloud technologies. Our skills in migration, management and customised hybrid cloud infrastructure are extensive and we’ve got the client recommendations to match. Contact us to find out how we can turn your business into a cloud-powered success story.