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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

SAP Infrastructure: cloud computing

SAP on Hybrid Solution

Mocrosoft Azure

Hybrid cloud refers to a mixed environment comprising of on-premise infrastructure, private cloud services and the public cloud such as AWS Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure with inter-operability between the different environments.

SAP INFRASTRUCTURE: cloud computing

The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid cloud solutions can be a driver to reduce cost and be a scalable platform to cater for unpredictable workloads, but with a hybrid design you can maximise the agility to use the right design for your need.

You can have all the benefits of all worlds without having to compromise on your speed, security or regulatory requirements.

Drive innovation while still retaining your legacy environment and ease yourself into future proof technologies at lower risk.

SAP INFRASTRUCTURE: cloud computing

Working With The Right Partner

It is important to team with the right partner on your cloud journey. whether you’re dipping your toe into the cloud, doing a proof-of-concept or using the cloud as disaster recover environment.

With ETZ Global you have a partner with decades of experience in SAP, with resources that are both Azure and AWS certified with a proven track record of supporting, implementing and migrating SAP systems both on-premise or on an Azure or AWS cloud platform.

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