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SAP Migration Assessment and hyperscaler cloud

Considering migrating SAP to a hyperscaler cloud? Want a swift and seamless SAP cloud migration? ETZ Global can help you. Our services are designed to help you assess your existing SAP infrastructure, determine a clear SAP migration pathway, and ensure that your new infrastructure is future-proof and future-ready.

The right cloud strategy is a business enabler and business differentiator. It’s the key to unlocking the potential within your infrastructure and building sustainable foundations for the future. ETZ Global is the perfect hyperscaler cloud strategy partner for your business because we have extensive global expertise in SAP migration, migration assessment, proof of concept planning, sap upgrade and conversation services, and so much more.

We will put your hyperscaler cloud strategy on the right track with our SAP migration assessment capabilities and long-standing expertise. 

ETZ Global Cloud Deployment Models

We will perform a SAP Landscape Assessment

The ETZ SAP landscape assessment is designed to help you unpack the best possible route to take to the cloud. We provide you with comprehensive insight into your SAP landscape so you have a clear roadmap for the future, and visibility into the scope of your digital transformation strategy.

We believe that the following are the most important steps to ensuring that your hyperscaler cloud strategy is a success:

What is SAP Landscape Assessment?

A SAP landscape assessment is designed to provide you with visibility into your existing IT infrastructure and landscape so you can make informed decisions around your move to the cloud, to hyperscaler cloud, and into digital transformation. 

The ETZ SAP landscape assessment digs deeply into your business to ensure that every workload, investment, and slice of technology is correctly assessed against your cloud strategy. We then use this information to build you a clear picture of your SAP landscape so you can plan ahead intelligently. 

Our SAP Landscape Assessment Approach

ETZ Global has a SAP migration assessment service that can help you assess your SAP posture and plan your SAP cloud migration effectively. We’ve developed our SAP landscape assessment approach around changing market and business requirements. We know that you need the right technology and digital tools to ensure that hyperscalers form a robust and trusted part of your business roadmap.

We also help you overcome some of the challenges that arise during a migration, such as:

The ETZ SAP landscape assessment digs deeply into your business to ensure that every workload, investment, and slice of technology is correctly assessed against your cloud strategy. We then use this information to build you a clear picture of your SAP landscape so you can plan ahead intelligently. 

We will develop a migration roadmap that unpacks:

Partner with ETZ Global and enjoy our proven track record of SAP cloud migration to and from any platform. Contact us.

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SAP migration assessment service

Our SAP S/4HANA Assessment

Migration to SAP S/4HANA should not be an afterthought. This market leading platform offers the organisation a futureproof foundation from which to build a robust and agile digital business. If your business is planning to move to SAP S/4HANA and to fully realise the potential of the hyperscaler cloud, then you will need a solid strategy based on an even more solid SAP S/4HANA assessment.

We have developed a SAP S/4HANA assessment framework designed to ensure that your migration to SAP S/4HANA is seamless, smart and successful.  We collaborate with you to create an AWS environment that allows us to prepare the most viable roadmap for your business, a roadmap that can completely transform how you approach your SAP S4/HANA migration.

You will have granular visibility to:

A Proof of Concept (PoC) success story

ETZ Global thought outside the box during an exceptionally difficult proof of concept (PoC) migration to AWS Cloud. Hurdle after hurdle landed in our path but we still managed to perform a successful heterogenous migration for a large company that was relying on a huge and ageing SAP suite with limited internet connectivity. We found unique techniques and workarounds to perform a SAP migration to modern architecture. Contact us to find out how we can develop a PoC that fits your needs.

SAP Functional Assessment

ETZ Global understands that SAP migrations are mission critical and must be done on time, with minimal disruption and risk. We offer functional expertise, via a team of highly experienced SAP professionals that will ensure seamless migration that maximises return on investment.

Contact us to find out how we can transform your SAP migration with our SAP functional assessment service.

Our SAP Migration on Hyperscalers Assessment Process

ETZ Global has the skills and expertise to: help you prepare your system; make sure you don’t lose anything during an upgrade; test for performance issues and execute any activities that may have to be done manually; and achieve SAP technical and functional upgrades, seamlessly.

Want to migrate to a hyperscaler cloud provider? We know exactly how to help you achieve these goals with our SAP on hyperscalers expertise, SAP migration expertise, and hyperscale cloud experience. We know how to assess your hyperscale posture so you know what you need to make the move efficiently and within your cost expectations.

Our Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Mocrosoft Azure

SAP Migration on AWS Assessment

Want to transition your SAP infrastructure to the AWS hypercloud environment? This is where we can provide you with superb expertise and support. We can help you manage, not just your SAP migration on AWS, but provide you with an assessment that delivers:

SAP Migration on Azure Assessment

Our expertise in assessing your posture and potential on the hyperscale cloud isn’t limited to AWS – we also have extensive Azure experience. We help you tick the boxes and build solid AWS hyperscale cloud foundations that will ensure your business remains relevant and scalable well into the future.  Our SAP migration on Azure assessment delivers: