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Innovate your enterprise like an entrepreneur.

Innovate your enterprise like an entrepreneur.

 The right SAP and AWS partner

When it comes to creating the ultimate enterprise hybrid cloud solution the market is spoiled for choice. Microsoft, SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have created collaborative ecosystems designed to provide enterprises with remarkable cloud capabilities and scale within increasingly agile and relevant frameworks. Microsoft Azure and SAP deliver one neat package of excellence to the business and there is immense value in what AWS and SAP bring to the proverbial hybrid cloud party.

SAP and AWS pull together the combined might of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise portfolio with AWS Cloud services into one tasty package that allows for the enterprise to innovate like an entrepreneur – fast, agile, and flexible, ready to pivot without tripping over legacy process and system.

Collaborative ecosystems

The SAP and AWS Alliance

AWS is a certified SAP global technology partner and is also a member of project Embrace – a partnership programme that makes it easier for companies to drive SAP S/4HANA implementations on an architecture that suits their existing business requirements. As one of the first companies to receive SAP global technology partner status, AWS has had plenty of time to collaborate with SAP in the development of partnerships, platforms, services and solutions that deliver immense value to the organisation.

But what does that actually mean?

For the enterprise that wants to leverage its hybrid cloud investment to fully embrace digital and its capabilities in a tough market, the AWS and SAP alliance brings several key benefits to the table. These include:

  1. The ability to migrate and convert from legacy ERP systems to S/4HANA using automation, prescriptive tools and architectures, and intelligent templates. With more than 160 SAP cloud platform services supported across multiple AWS regions, solutions can be developed and deployed at scale and on demand.
  2. Access to market-leading ERP solutions that can take advantage of AWS’ capabilities to create these truly fast and efficient systems that are agile enough to adapt to changing market needs.
  3. There are significant cost savings to this relationship. According to a study done by IDC in 2020, more than 85% of customers report that they cut costs by running SAP and AWS.
  4. A constantly evolving portfolio of services and solutions designed to leverage the benefits of SAP and AWS for the enterprise. A portfolio that’s mapped to market demand, changing technology requirements and the evolution of digital and transformation throughout the uncertainty of 2020.

 The right SAP and AWS partner

There is one other ingredient that makes the creation of the perfect AWS and SAP hybrid cloud solution – the implanting partner. The right partner has an in-depth understanding of the technology, the platforms, the vendors and the architecture, and has the right certification and expertise to prove their mettle in the market. This is where ETZ Global comes in.

We can help you maximise your hybrid cloud investment with AWS and SAP and ensure that your business makes the right moves into a sustainable cloud portfolio that’s capable of innovating like an entrepreneur. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create market-leading solutions.

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