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Is ABAP Still Relevant? Exploring the Role of ABAP in SAP’s Digital Transformation Journey

Is ABAP Still Relevant? Exploring the Role of ABAP in SAP’s Digital Transformation Journey

By Morné Parsons – 2023/4/19

As the world shifts towards cloud-based solutions, with the buzz around low-code and no-code development, you might be tempted to think that ABAP has lost its relevance in SAP’s ecosystem.

But don’t count ABAP out just yet as it continues to play a crucial role for organizations that rely on SAP systems.

In fact, with SAP’s push towards digital transformation, the need for ABAP has been put in the spotlight once again. And for good reason.


One such solution is RISE with SAP, which is a program that provides customers with a pathway to digital transformation. And while RISE certainly emphasizes cloud technologies and includes a range of services and technologies that can help organizations modernize their SAP systems, it does not eliminate the need for good old-fashioned ABAP development.  Quite the opposite, in fact – ABAP remains a core component of many SAP applications, offering a range of powerful capabilities for building and customizing SAP apps.

Why is ABAP still essential?

For starters, it enables real-time data processing, thanks to in-memory database technology that allows for lightning-fast analysis and decision-making. It also delivers enhanced analytics and a vastly improved user experience, thanks to the modern, intuitive Fiori user interface. And while low-code and no-code tools like SAP Build and Fiori Elements are great for simpler apps, they just can’t match the power and flexibility of custom ABAP and SAPUI5 development for more complex applications and interfaces.

Secondly, ABAP allows for enhanced analytics by integrating predictive analytics and machine learning. This enables organizations to build more sophisticated applications and gain deeper insights into their data.

Lastly, ABAP is also critical for improving user experience by providing a modern, intuitive interface for SAP applications through Fiori. This makes it easier for developers to build modern, user-friendly applications.

What about Low code, no code?

Sure, SAP does provide tools to accelerate the development of applications using low-code, no-code technologies such as SAP Build and Fiori Elements. And while these tools are great for developing low complexity applications, more complex applications and interfaces still require custom SAPUI5 and ABAP developments to resolve unique information and integration requirements necessary to support ongoing business.

However, ABAP isn’t resting on its laurels. SAP is constantly investing in new features and capabilities to modernize ABAP and keep it relevant for the cloud age. And with the introduction of ABAP in the Cloud, customizing standard applications has never been more efficient or user-friendly.

We are here to help

At the end of the day, ABAP remains a vital and essential component of many SAP systems, and that’s where ETZ Global comes in. As your partner for custom ABAP and Fiori apps, we can help you extend and enhance your SAP applications to meet any business need. Don’t let the hype around low-code and no-code fool you – with ABAP and ETZ Global; the possibilities are endless!

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