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It’s not an invasion. It’s a transformation.

It’s not an invasion. It’s a transformation.

Collaborating with experts for additional on-site support is about complementing existing teams, not replacing them.

Pivot. Evolve. Adapt. Be agile.  The business is under constant pressure from stakeholders, customers and markets to shift and change on a technology-powered dime and to always be ahead of the ever-evolving competition. Ergo, it’s not an invasion: it’s a transformation. In a global and local market that’s both complex and under intense pressure, it has never been more challenging to stay ahead of the game while staying on top of the bottom line.

The problem is that, while the technology is here. The solutions are available. The skills are in short supply. Organisations may want to enhance their tech foundations or leverage their on-prem platform or invest into a hybrid application, but they lack the on-site skills to deliver to these goals effectively.

Shifting into high DevOps gear or integrating a hybrid cloud solution or setting down roots in an AWS database requires skills that are often hard to find and expensive to buy. Nobody wants to be left behind while they wait for the skills marketplace to change nor do they want to spend increasingly high numbers on individuals who are quick to move on to the next big challenge or salary.

This has made it increasingly difficult for companies to leverage the potential of technology and innovation because they lack the resources they need to implement a project or a solution on demand. Which begs the question…

Where can the business find the right resources? Where are the skills needed to deliver support or help with the implementation of special projects?

The answer lies outside the business. It sits in companies that specialise in providing support, resources and expertise on demand. The as-a-Service movement has seen phenomenal growth over the past 10 years, evolving from software and technology solutions to physical resources loaned out to complement existing teams. They’re the hired muscle that works closely with on-site teams and departments to bolster their resources during the development and implementation of a special project, or they’re the ongoing on-site support that’s embedded in the business and the team.

They are not invaders set on taking over jobs and replacing teams.

The role of collaborative, as-a-Service support and expertise is not to shake up the teams that are already in place. That works against the goals of the business, the process is not not an invasion, but a transformation. Working with the right partner should see your teams enhanced by the expertise and support they provide. It needs to be collaborative and the relationships fostered to ensure that deadlines are met.

Using external resources to complete projects or provide ongoing support to under-provisioned teams has become the secret weapon wielded by many companies that want to get in, get done, and get going.

Want the latest skills and development capabilities to implement AWS native cloud services across compute, storage and infrastructure for applications? Want SAP or Microsoft expertise that will allow for deeper integration and improved deliverables? Need to migrate to Microsoft Azure or unlock the potential of hybrid or on-prem? There’s a lot to be said for working with a company that has already managed hundreds of projects and provided years of support across all these platforms. They know the pitfalls, the potential and how to get the most for your business.

At ETZ Global, we have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations, providing them with the support and expertise they need and working closely with their teams. Our role is to support and supplement, not replace. 

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