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Modernising Remote Access to SAP Systems with ETZ Global: A Cloud-Centric Approach

Modernising Remote Access to SAP Systems with ETZ Global: A Cloud-Centric Approach

The adoption of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications is becoming more commonplace, offering businesses significant flexibility and accessibility for their end-users. A feature benefit of adopting this technology is that it allows customers to use their existing Identity Providers, such as Google and Azure-AD, to supply seamless SSO access to their business applications. However, for startups and established enterprises alike, when it comes to SAP – the cornerstone of accounting and financial operations for many organizations – the traditional on-premises nature of the application presents challenges for remote access. Typically, reliant on cumbersome infrastructure such as VPNs, accessing SAP systems remotely can entail significant administrative burden and security concerns. The quest for a simplified, secure remote access solution is paramount.

Enter ETZ Global: your partner in revolutionizing remote access to SAP systems with innovative cloud solutions tailored to meet the demands of the modern business landscape.

The Challenge

Traditional SAP applications, with their diverse client architectures like SAP Gui, JAVA Gui, Web Gui, and Fiori, pose challenges for remote access, especially in a distributed work environment. Additionally, managing multiple user credentials can lead to inefficiencies and security risks. How can businesses streamline remote access to SAP systems while ensuring security and user experience?

The Solution

At ETZ Global, we offer end-to-end connectivity solutions designed to address the complexities of SAP client architectures and enable secure, seamless access from anywhere, on any device. Leveraging our ability in cloud technologies and integration, we combine advanced connectivity options like SAP router and AWS (Amazon Web Services) Network Load Balancer with Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions powered by leading Identity Providers such as Azure AD, Google, and others.

Our ability in these areas is well documented, we’ve provided detailed how-to guides for those brave enough to tackle this on their own, see some examples here:

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But why burden your teams with the complexity of implementing these solutions? Partner with ETZ Global for a full implementation, or for expert guidance and support throughout the process, and passing valuable skills to your technical team.

Key Features

  • Multi-Client Connectivity: Our solutions support various SAP client architectures, including SAP Gui, JAVA Gui, Web Gui, and Fiori, ensuring compatibility with diverse user preferences and system requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: By seamlessly integrating connectivity solutions with SSO capabilities, we simplify user authentication and authorization processes, enhancing security and user experience.
  • Flexible Deployment: Whether you’re migrating SAP workloads to AWS or using hybrid cloud environments, our solutions are flexible and scalable to meet your unique infrastructure needs.
  • Centralized Management: With centralized user authentication and access control, businesses can efficiently manage user identities and permissions across SAP systems and cloud platforms.
  • Enhanced Security: Our solutions prioritize security at every level, employing encryption, access controls, and threat detection mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate cyber threats.

Implementation Overview:

Our approach to implementing remote access for SAP systems begins with a comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure and user requirements. From there, we design and deploy customized connectivity solutions tailored to your specific needs and aims. Whether you’re migrating SAP workloads to the cloud or enhancing existing on-premises environments, ETZ Global supplies expert guidance and support every step of the way.

ETZ Global is your trusted partner in modernizing remote access to SAP systems and unlocking new opportunities for productivity and growth. With our comprehensive cloud solutions, businesses can seamlessly connect users to SAP applications from anywhere, on any device, while ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance.

We invite you to explore the full capabilities of our solutions and discover how ETZ Global can empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.

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