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Navigating SAP S4/HANA migration, intelligently

Navigating SAP S4/HANA migration, intelligently

The ETZ Global S4/HANA Migration Toolkit

For many companies looking ahead to the 2027 route to the SAP S4/HANA deadline, the road looks a lot like it’s filled with potholes and traffic jams. The reality is that migration to S4/HANA does require planning and preparation to ensure the move is coherent and seamless. The truth is that with this planning and preparation, the move will be coherent and it will tick all the right boxes. The answer is to work with a partner that understands exactly what the S4/HANA migration entails, what you need to prepare for it, and can take you a long way down the road so you know exactly what to expect.

Navigating SAP S4HANA migration, intelligently

The S4/HANA migration challenge

The move to S4/HANA is not a simple upgrade. It is a comprehensive move into a new application, requiring either a conversion of your existing SAP posture, or a move into an entirely fresh space. It will require that customers gain a clear picture of how their existing customisations and modifications will be influenced by the move, and what business functions will (or will not) be compatible. 

A comprehensive migration strategy requires that:

  • You have line of sight around customisation and modifications within your existing systems and how these will translate to S4/HANA.
  • You know precisely which business functions will not be compatible with S4/HANA so you can have the time and resources required to convert them.
  • You establish what costs will be incurred, the amount of effort required, and develop a clear roadmap that takes these into consideration.
  • You develop a relevant migration route that takes every one of these issues into consideration and that’s prepared for potential challenges, so that migration is more seamless than expected.

The ETZ Global S4/HANA Migration Toolkit

The ETZ Global S4/HANA Migration Toolkit

ETZ Global has extensive experience in the migration of SAP workloads so we understand exactly what challenges lie ahead, and how to help you overcome them. We collaborate with you to develop a clear roadmap of your migration, to establish a solid strategy, and to precisely collaborate the costs and efforts required to migrate effectively.

We can provision your existing SAP system as a Proof of Concept (PoC) copy, we then analyse this system to establish precisely what your effort parameters are. You can then establish what impact the transition will have, evaluate your system performance, and fine tune the methodology required to make the S4/HANA migration. 

During our evaluation process, we help you answer important questions such as:

  • What specific method should we use to transition to S4/HANA?
  • What will the size of the HANA database be after conversion?
  • How much effort will there be to convert my custom code?
  • What business functions will be affected?
  • What is the most cost-effective, secure and flexible method to manage our infrastructure needs before, during and after the journey to SAP S4/HANA?

Get these answers with us. Get ready for SAP S4/HANA. Take on tomorrow, with confidence, contact us.  

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