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On-prem? Scale seamlessly during lockdown

On-prem? Scale seamlessly during lockdown

Cloud scalability

The global shut down has introduced multiple complexities to organisations. Suddenly, things that were taken for granted are no longer accessible and systems struggling to keep up with changing workloads and business priorities. For those organisations that run their datacentres on-premise, the shut down has caused significant delays and disruptions to the supply chain, limiting access to parts and servers and the ability to scale to meet demand. Sourcing hosting and hardware means long delays and difficult days ahead.

Cloud Scalability

The complexity of Covid-19

The supply chain for new servers and parts have been severely impacted by the virus. The delays mean that most companies are likely to run out of spec while they wait. They also run the risk of being unable to repair systems that go down during the crisis. It’s a challenging situation that puts additional pressure on the organisation already juggling the new normal of remote working.

This has been further complicated by massive surges in demand on platforms such as Microsoft Azure. The platform saw a significant increase in cloud usage with more than 44 million daily users on Teams and related O365 services. This pressure has seen the organisation struggle somewhat under the load with some unreliability and performance issues. For companies leaning heavily on this solution to tightly manage employees and productivity this means another layer of complexity that they can do without.

The move to functionality

The answer to the supply chain limitations is simple. Leverage alternative cloud platforms to run your workloads in the cloud and to manage demand during the crisis. Instead of running out of spec, you can use cloud to scale without delays, getting the business moving when it’s needed the most. The advantage here lies in the ability to reduce or increase cloud usage on demand – this ensures that the business has a built-in failsafe should systems go down or usage increase.

ETZ Global can work with your company to ensure that your organisation has a ready-made and customisable safety net in place when you need it the most. We can work with you to move to the public cloud and get that speed and agility you want right now – and we can ensure that you don’t run out of space or resources through the use of SAP workloads layered in the AWS cloud. AWS has managed the surge in demand effortlessly – it’s systems, designed to manage extraordinary loads, are thriving in the current climate.

With our expertise, you can connect multiple clouds across Microsoft Azure and AWS to your on-prem platforms. We can interconnect multiple cloud providers to your on-prem installation, migrating specific resources to the cloud so your systems remain online. At ETZ Global, we have extensive experience in helping global organisations with cloud migration and installation and we can ensure that while the supply lines are closed, you get a reliable and robust virtual solution that works for your business. If your company needs to get up and running right now, then we’re here to help you put those virtual running shoes on. 

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