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Outsourcing the problem

Outsourcing the problem

The digital skills gap is an expensive problem. According to a report by Korn Ferry, the talent shortage is a $8.5 trillion problem with 85 million jobs unfilled because skilled people are missing in action. The 2022 Deloitte CEO survey also highlighted talent and skill gaps as a key issue that will very likely impact business strategy and Fortune magazine has defined this as the biggest threat of 2022.

Problem finding the right technical or functional skills? No problem…

One of the biggest challenges, beyond the lack of skilled internal resources as a whole, is the inability to complete projects. Limited resources mean digital bottlenecks as companies struggle to find the right people to fill the gaps and finish strategic endeavours.  


The business wants to do business. To be a disruptor and innovator. It can’t do any of those things without the right people onboard, or if around two-thirds of digital transformation projects are delayed because nobody can finish them, or even start them.

Which is one of the primary reasons why companies are increasing turning to third-party service providers to outsource their skill requirements. They need the talent and these companies have it ready to go. As a business wanting to tackle a big project or undertake a fresh integration or even move across to a new enterprise resource platform (ERP) such as SAP S/4HANA, you want to trust that you will have the right people throughout each project, from start to finish, as this minimises error and ensures a seamless transition or development process.

With a skilled resource partner, companies can pull in the skills they want on demand and rely on them for a specific period of time. Beyond the benefits outlined above, this introduces two other key benefits – no need to carry the employee burden or add to the bottom line, and incentivised support that’s committed to achieving the best possible outcomes.

However, there are two very important factors that have to be in place to ensure that any outsourced resource strategy works properly. The first is to make sure that the company has the right people available and that they come with relevant industry expertise. The second is that they prioritise communication. Without clear and transparent communication and collaboration the relationship is doomed to fail. Your outsourced service provider has to have technical and functional skills, and people skills so that they can problem solve beyond the digital and deliver personalised service.

ETZ Global has collaborated with numerous companies on a global scale, providing skilled resources and talent that’s committed to a specific project and that have exceptional expertise. We work closely with customers and third-party service suppliers to create an ecosystem of support that’s designed to help you finish what you started (or get started with confidence). We have talent that can problem solve, has global experience, digs deep into tech, understands next-generation digital expectations, and doesn’t shy away from problems.

We offer a staff augmentation service that provides the right talent at the right time so you don’t have to hunt for elusive experts when you really want to spend your time getting the job done…

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