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Quick and painless: Cloud-based disaster recovery

Quick and painless: Cloud-based disaster recovery

ETZ Global Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery using a cloud-based service has fast become a must-have mainstream essential for the modern organisation. According to the 2021 Data Protection Trends report by Veeam, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) tops the list of essentials for global organisations. The same survey also found that the ability to manage disaster recovery via a cloud service was considered important (38%) and an essential part of future disaster recovery planning and investment.

Disaster Recovery Big Business: Outages costing Millions.

This is not an unexpected posture. After all, the outage that hit Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger reportedly cost the company (Meta) nearly 100 billion. While this is a very high price tag on a high-profile company, the cost of downtime due to disaster can hit the bottom line of every organisation – hard. And not one company wants to fork out fortunes for an unexpected event in the current market.

According to an analysis by 451 Research entitled ‘Voice of the Enterprise: Storage, Data Management and Disaster Recovery 2020’, more than half of the outages reported by those surveyed cost more than $100,000 for affected companies with larger organisations experiencing a much greater financial hit with many losing more than $1 million. And beyond just the financial impact, there’s the losses in productivity, data loss, outages, and customer engagement.

Which is why, disaster recovery has become big business.

And why cloud-based disaster recovery continues to gain traction

Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Using a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, organisations can rapidly recover their critical systems after a disaster, using their fallback protections and systems to gain remote access to their data in a secure virtual environment. There are numerous benefits to cloud-based disaster recovery, but here are the headlines:

01:  Traditionally, disaster recovery solutions have been expensive. Recovering the data and re-establishing the system often took time – expensive time lost.  Implementing and maintaining the traditional infrastructure and hardware – is expensive. In short, the old way was the costly way, but with cloud-based disaster recovery, recovery is fast and it costs significantly less.

02: Everything is bundled together into a neat virtual server. This server is then backed up, copied and stored in an offsite datacentre, making it very easy to find it, spin it up and set it into action when it’s needed. Because there is no reliance on hardware here, everything can be moved across to your system without lengthy waits and extensive troubleshooting.

03: You can rely on a trusted cloud-based disaster recovery service provider to ensure that you tick every box, test every parameter and plan ahead properly. Often, as the Veeam survey found, companies don’t even test their systems when they establish them so when disaster strikes, it can strike twice – with unexpected delays, problems and data loss issues. With a trusted service provider snapping your systems into place, you can constantly test and assess your disaster recovery strategy so you’re ready for the unexpected.

This is why ETZ Global is a solid step in the disaster recovery direction

We offer you a tried, tested and trusted cloud-based disaster recovery service that protects your business from the worst. Our platform is customisable, compatible with multiple environments and applications, automated, dynamic and proven.

Because, in the end, the real trick when it comes to disaster recovery isn’t just to avoid the disaster, but to not notice the impact when it does…

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