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Ready for 2021? Here’s the hybrid cloud trends to watch out for…

Ready for 2021? Here’s the hybrid cloud trends to watch out for…

Ready For 2021? Here’s The Hybrid Cloud Trends To Watch Out For…

It would be an understatement to call 2020 unexpected, but every part of the year most certainly was just that – unexpected, unpredictable and unplanned. These are not the words that should follow the business into 2021, which is why the trends that are lining up on the hybrid cloud horizon underscore flexibility, agility, scalability and control. Companies want to invest into infrastructure that’s capable of pivoting in the face of uncertainty – and that face is one that the globe is still staring into for the foreseeable future…

Confidence in Security Technologies

Trend 01: Security will increase hybrid cloud confidence

There has been significant investment into security solutions that allow for organisations to truly embed security into the very fabric of their infrastructure, giving companies that have traditionally been locked behind the rigorous requirements of regulation the opportunity to explore the potential of hybrid cloud. According to IBM Research, Confidential Computing, quantum-safe and Fully Homomorphic Encryption are the security technologies that have the potential to change how companies engage with hybrid cloud.

Trend upshot: Thanks to the constantly evolving security landscape, hybrid cloud will become a viable option for companies previously stuck with on-prem. This will allow for them to fully leverage the potential of cloud within a framework that reassures and protects.

Trend 02: Hybrid cloud will continue its role as the popular kid at cloud school

Hybrid cloud, once considered the child of public and private cloud platforms that didn’t quite fit in, is rapidly becoming the norm, and the popular choice. Cloud migration was powered by the pandemic in 2020, and in 2021 it is very likely that hybrid cloud environments will continue to be a top adoption choice for organisations, particularly thanks to the rapid evolution of tools for these environments. Just like work from home, hybrid cloud is the new normal.

Trend upshot: It’s the rich stable of solutions and expertise that make hybrid cloud a hot and spicy option for the enterprise, and this is only going to become even more relevant.

Hybrid cloud is only as good as the service provider you work with

Trend 03: Hybrid cloud is only as good as the service provider you work with

In 2020, organisations were thrust into the world of digital at a pace that would have previously taken years and some were burned by the pace and their choice of service provider. Hybrid cloud is one of the fastest growing cloud models right now as it is so flexible and scalable and fits neatly within enterprise remits. According to IDC multi-cloud is the solution of choice in 2021, and it is likely that 90% of global enterprises will be relying on at least one variation of it for the future.

Trend upshot: Choose a service provider that knows how to deliver your cloud or you could end up one of the few who gets no benefits with all the spend.

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