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Resourcing: Finding the Right Skills at The Right Time

Resourcing: Finding the Right Skills at The Right Time

Resourcing: Finding the right Skills

Finding the right skills at the right time is a skillset on its own

It’s a big project and it needs specialised engineering skills. It’s a complex digital transformation initiative and it needs software expertise. It’s a comprehensive integration and it needs talent that understands the intricacies of digital and digitisation. These are not unusual imperatives for organisations right now. After all, Deloitte’s survey found that 71% of CEOs believe that the skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing the business today and this sentiment is echoed in the Korn Ferry report that put a price tag on it – an $8.5 trillion talent shortage

Business move towards outsourcing

Which is why a growing number of companies are outsourcing talent so they can build bridges over the gaps and ensure that their projects and digital environments remain on track. A recent Computer Weekly article reported that 32% of organisations in the UK were expecting to outsource their IT to ensure that they could remain focused on their core business (57%) and to gain access to skills and resources (56%). Out of the total surveyed, 50% were planning to outsource more.

Increased reliance on outsourcing talent

This is echoed in the PwC Digital Trends in Supply Chain Survey 2022 that found 34% of companies are planning to increase their reliance on outsourcing talent because 44% of chief operating officers and leaders said that worker shortages and employee turnover are significant challenges this year.

The value of a trusted resource

The reality is that digital transformation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and digital agility are prized qualities within the successful organisation right now. The ability to pivot, the technology to innovate and the resilience to adapt – these are key success metrics in a world defined by uncertainty and complexity. As McKinsey points out, this is the time when workforce capacity building is essential throughout the organisation, but equally it is a time when building the skills of this workforce is challenging.

While companies have long recognised the value of upskilling employees, and research has shown how this approach delivers long-term measurable value and talent retention, the gaps that need to be filled are right now. Which is where a trusted outsourcing resource becomes an invaluable asset. If the business can tap into trusted talent on demand, it can ensure that projects are not delayed and that digital initiatives can continue uninterrupted.

The ability to add or remove expertise on demand

In addition, outsourcing staff means that you can add or remove expertise on demand. This can be invaluable when a project overruns or if there is a problem that needs to be urgently fixed. With an IT staff augmentation solution in place, you are assured of having the staff and resources you need to meet your business objectives, when you need them.

Bypass the challenges of finding the expertise your company needs

ETZ Global helps you to bypass delays, challenges finding skilled people, the high costs of rare talent, and the limitations of skills gaps with the staff augmentation and HR outsourcing capabilities you need. We provide expert consultants, next-generation technology experts, engineers, programmers and advanced troubleshooting expertise on demand.

Find out how we can help you stay ahead, stay on track and stay on top of skills.

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