ETZ Global

SAP Basis

Who are the often-overlooked heroes within the SAP environment? Who ensures the seamless, secure, and optimal functioning of processes, components, and entire systems? Undoubtedly, it is the unsung Basis technical teams working diligently behind the scenes, possessing a unique blend of expertise and adaptability. These professionals navigate ever-evolving demands, master new features (and occasionally, bugs), and strike a delicate balance between performance and cost considerations.

At ETZ Global, our commitment to this domain runs deep, with a collective experience of 120 years gained in some of the most demanding environments, whether on-premises, in the AWS or Azure clouds, or within a hybrid configuration.

No challenge is beyond our reach, and we fearlessly explore every facet of SAP technology. Our team members do not work in isolation; rather, we foster a collaborative hive-mindset, encouraging the free flow of ideas and creativity. Our common goals are fueled by this synergy, all aimed at benefiting our valued customers.

The Basis Team, the wizards behind the curtain, transform the impossible into reality. They work miracles in the background, ensuring the lights remain on and the engines keep running. When confronted with an endless stream of fast-paced innovations and the need to implement new features and updates, they are the indispensable bridge between business requirements and technical feasibility. They excel in effective communication across all levels within the diverse and complex environments characterized by competing needs.

Our DNA is intertwined with the nuts and bolts, gears and cogs of SAP environments. Our combined experience equips us to conquer any challenge that arises, where others may falter. Look no further for professionals capable of building and maintaining your entire landscape from the ground up or providing expert guidance precisely when you need it. We are your unwavering allies in the dynamic world of SAP technology.