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SAP Landscape Maintenance

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ETZ Global can assist you in getting the most out of your SAP landscape, ensuring that your server architecture is modernised and capable, ready to handle the complexities of the modern working environment with ease. We can assist you with SAP Landscape Management, giving you the tools you need to simplify, automate and centralise your SAP landscapes, regardless of their location or your unique situation.


What is SAP Landscape

Your SAP landscape is defined by a collection of servers, your diverse SAP systems, and your different SAP environments. You want visibility and control over these landscapes to ensure that your business architecture is modernised and capable.


What is SAP Landscape Management

SAP Landscape Management is a method of centralizing the administration of all SAP systems utilized by a company. It includes multiple activities that are intended to ensure that your SAP cloud investments are maintained with a view to ensuring long-term sustainable SAP solutions that deliver measurable cost benefits. ETZ Global can help you manage and implement your SAP Landscape Management system and ensure your operations are always on track.


SAP Landscape Management Process

The SAP landscape management process is designed to help you keep your business on track, running smoothly while constantly iterating and improving without impacting on business efficiency and productivity. Collaborate with ETZ Global to ensure that your landscape management process is always optimised and capable, ready to help you consistently evolve and manage your landscapes so you are always ahead of the digital game. We know how to streamline your SAP landscape management process so that it fits your unique operating models and IT requirements. 


Planning and Implementing SAP Landscape Changes

You want to ensure that your SAP landscape changes are planned thoroughly and implemented properly. This is where ETZ Global steps in as your partner, providing you with clear directions and a highly customised roadmap that outlines your planning and implementing of landscape maintenance. We work with you to map out your functions, your systems and your operational landscape so you can leverage your SAP landscape maintenance more effectively.

We know the tools, the steps and the methodologies that will best help you refine your SAP landscapes.  


SAP Activate Methodology

The SAP Activate Methodology is described as one of the key foundations of the next generation framework for SAP project managers. Designed by SAP, the SAP Activate Methodology is structured along the same lines as the Agile methodology and takes an iterative approach to project deliverables and quality – consistently improving processes and approaches to refine outcomes. ETZ Global’s professional teams are all familiar with the SAP Activate Methodology and its best practice implementation.


SAP Landscape Management Tools

There are multiple SAP landscape management tools available for you to use during the planning and management of your SAP landscapes. ETZ Global has experience using SAP Solution Manager – a tool that integrates multiple mandatory tools and data for comprehensive landscape management – as well as in other leading SAP landscape management tools. Working with you, we will establish which SAP tools are best suited to your architecture and use those to help you optimise and manage your SAP landscapes.


New System Implementation and SAP Conversion

ETZ Global can help you assess your existing SAP landscapes to determine what solutions would best support your business. If you need a new system implementation or a comprehensive SAP conversion, we use best practice methodologies and SAP toolkits to manage these processes for you. We also work closely with you to establish which type of SAP system and solution is the right fit for your strategic requirements, ensuring that any new system implementation or SAP conversion is relevant, capable and aligned.


SAP System Upgrade

When you want to make the move to SAP, you want to know exactly how it is going to impact your business and your systems. We provide an exceptional consultancy service that will dig into your existing infrastructure to establish what type of SAP system upgrade you require, and the best way to ensure it moves smoothly. From SAP technical upgrades to SAP functional upgrades, we have expertise that translates into any business, sector or industry.

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