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SAP Migration, Upgrade and Conversion

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ETZ Global can provide you with SAP migration, SAP upgrade, and SAP conversion expertise and consultation. We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry and an extensive global client base that trusts in us to ensure that their infrastructure is always ready, always on, and future proof.

We work with you to manage your SAP migration, upgrade and conversion, collaborating with your business and teams every step of the way. Our goal is to make SAP migrations, SAP upgrades and SAP conversions as capable and seamless as possible.

SAP Cloud Migration Services

Moving your SAP infrastructure into the cloud doesn’t have to be an ordeal filled with complexity and problem solving. You can experience the benefits of scale, resilience, cost saving and accessibility that the cloud brings to your business with a seamless SAP cloud migration that takes your unique business requirements into account.  

Our SAP cloud migration services are designed to help you navigate your move to the cloud. We know how to develop clear SAP cloud migration roadmaps that will strategically and intelligently move you to the cloud. 

We understand that your SAP cloud migrations are mission critical and must be done on time, with minimal disruption and risk. We offer consulting skills and SAP technology expertise, via a team of highly experienced SAP professionals, to ensure seamless migration that maximises return on your SAP investment.

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SAP Migration


SAP Cloud Migration Benefits

Your move to SAP in the cloud is more than just a step towards robust digital transformation, it introduces numerous benefits to your business. SAP cloud migration offers you the following benefits:



SAP cloud requires significantly less CAPEX investment and maintenance and has proven long-term cost saving benefits for the business.


You have access to resources that you can scale up or down on demand, adjusting your workloads to suit your business requirements.


You can work from anywhere, run your solutions from anywhere, and manage your business from anywhere.


The ability to scale on demand, manage costs, and regain richer control of your data makes SAP cloud the perfect business partner.

SAP Cloud Migration Strategies

There are different ways in which you can manage your SAP cloud migration. From lift-and-shift to highly customised cloud migration strategies, you can pick the route that best serves your business. The type of cloud migration you choose will be influenced by a number of factors such as business size, the amount of customisation within your existing SAP landscape, and the number of changes within your migration overall. 

If your company is making few changes to existing SAP infrastructure, the lift-and-shift model may be the most cost-effective cloud migration strategy. However, if you require any upgrades to your systems, or changes to your applications, or want to implement a new system, then you will need a more in-depth and strategic approach to your SAP cloud migration. 

ETZ Global has developed a SAP Migration Primer Service that’s designed to help you gain a clear picture of your SAP migration framework and what cloud migration strategy would best suit your business. We ensure that no matter what SAP cloud migration strategy fits your business, it’s simple and effective with our team of experts. 


What Digital Transformation Archetype are you?

Lift-and-shift Migration (Rehosting)

The lift-and-shift premise allows for you to replicate your existing SAP infrastructure directly into the cloud. We can assist you in determining whether or not a lift-and-shift migration would work within your existing business structure and determine if this would be the right route for you. A lift-and-shift migration can be the fastest route to SAP cloud but it only works in very specific circumstances.

Technical Migration

ETZ Global will collaborate with you in upgrading your operating system and database to ensure that your organisation is capable of achieving a more robust and sustainable migration to SAP cloud. This move involves more of the foundational elements of the move while leaving your SAP applications as they are. 

Application Migration, Brownfield Migration and Greenfield Migration

SAP S/4HANA is the most advanced SAP ERP platform on the market today, and upgrading to its full bouquet of services delivers immense value to the business. Application migration, along with brownfield migration and greenfield migration, is often used when shifting complex applications and processes to the cloud during an upgrade to SAP S/4HANA. If you have highly customised applications, this SAP migration will require careful strategic planning to ensure your move is smooth and efficient.

If you are developing an entirely new system then you are adopting a greenfield migration that will move you to S/4HANA from any legacy system or platform. This requires specialised engineering and strategic planning skills that ETZ Global has in spades. We can provide you with a comprehensive greenfields migration roadmap that will translate into long-term business value.

A brownfield migration involves converting your existing architecture to SAP S/4HANA while retaining control over processes, applications and customisations that have proven business value. This approach to migration meticulously assesses your existing systems against your objectives so you can take smart steps towards an SAP cloud that works for you. 

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