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SAP Netweaver. Should you stay, or should you go?

SAP Netweaver. Should you stay, or should you go?

The move from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA doesn’t have to be an all-out bolt out the stable, there’s plenty of time.

SAP NetWeaver has been a solid and reliable part of the SAP software stable for 15 years. Built on the Service-Oriented Architecture approach, it’s a flexible and powerful tool that helps the business achieve levels of agility and capability that make a difference in these challenging economic times. SAP NetWeaver is, as the name suggests, easily integrated with other SAP applications, weaving itself into your infrastructure to help you create a unified system. It’s easier to use than some of its competitors and reduces quite a few of the complexities that used to be associated with the management of multiple resources across the stack.

It’s also being pushed out of the nest by SAP HANA and the upcoming upgrade deadline.

To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question?

There is a deadline, one that has been issued by SAP, of 2027 for organisations to upgrade from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA. After this point, support will theoretically stop for those companies that have remained firmly ensconced within the SAP NetWeaver platform. However, it may not be as hard a deadline as you may think. There is still time for you to stick with the multiple features and benefits of SAP NetWeaver before you start to think of the shift to SAP HANA. And here’s why:

  1. SAP NetWeaver is still an incredibly powerful tool

If you’ve already implemented the SAP NetWeaver suite in your business, you can still squeeze out plenty of performance over the next five years. This software suite is reliable and capable and is doing exactly what you need it to do. You’ve spent the time and funds on integration and development and there’s no reason why you need to rush into a full upgrade until you’re ready.

  1. The deadline doesn’t mean the end of SAP NetWeaver

The 2027 line in the sand may mean that SAP drops support for the SAP NetWeaver software but that doesn’t mean you have to leap into upgrade mode. While the company won’t be dropping official support and providing insights into technical queries, the entire SAP NetWeaver solution is going to stay exactly the same.

  1. Third party partnerships

While the deadline may signify a lack of support from SAP, it doesn’t mean the end of the road for those of you who’ve embedded SAP NetWeaver into your business. You need only replace the support structure to continue using the platform. Now is the time to find a third-party service provider that can offer you the right levels of support and engagement to ensure you continue to get the most from your SAP NetWeaver solution. ETZ Global has been working with SAP on-premise and hybrid solutions for many years, helping companies from across the world manage and secure their SAP NetWeaver solutions. We can work with you to ensure that your solution remains as relevant in 2027 as it does today.

  1. You’re in control

You may be unable to make the leap from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA for budgetary reasons, or perhaps your business is in an industry that manages hefty compliance requirements. Either way, you are in a space that requires you make the most from your SAP NetWeaver investment. With our support and third-party expertise, we put you back in control of your software ecosystem. You get to decide when, and if, you upgrade.

  1. Flexible cost balancing

If you decide to keep your SAP NetWeaver investment, running it onwards into the future with the support of a reliable third-party provider, then you get another benefit added to your business toolkit. This will hand you the flexibility of running the same workloads in the cloud far more cheaply and with greater agility. Both really important boxes for the business to tick.

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