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SAP on Hyperscalers

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Want the excellent ubiquity of SAP on hyperscalers? The exceptional scale that SAP on hyperscalers delivers to the business? For any organisation looking to leverage the ubiquity of SAP for their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) strategy, SAP on hyperscalers is the future. It is the best step in the right digital transformation direction.


Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation: Role of Hyperscale Cloud

Hyperscaler cloud has become synonymous with digital transformation and making the best possible use of flexibility and scalability of cloud. The hyperscaler big players – AWS and Microsoft Azure  – have structured their environments to deliver scale, speed, reliability and cost efficiency to organisations looking to transform their architecture and take advantage of everything that digital and cloud have to offer.

Cloud compute cuts business CAPEX by putting the as a Service methodology right at the business fingertips. Scale, access, reliability and functionality just a click away. The right combination of cloud infrastructure and hyperscaler capability can fundamentally shape a company’s digital transformation strategy.


The Importance of a Good Digital Transformation Plan

Digital transformation may be described as the next best thing in business, but it requires careful planning to ensure that any business delivers to expectations. This is why it’s important to have a solid digital transformation plan that takes every aspect of your business and strategy into consideration. There is no one size fits all, there is only careful planning and consistent strategic implementation. We can help you create a digital transformation plan and roadmap that delivers exactly what you need for your long-term business success.


What are the Value Drivers to move to Hyperscale Cloud?

There are significant benefits for organisations that take advantage of hyperscale cloud. The value drivers include cost savings, scalability, interoperability, elastic computing, innovation, agility, speed, security, sustainability, efficiency and reduced downtime, among others. Every one of these value drivers has proven metrics, delivering precisely what they promise to the organisation.

With ETZ Global, you can unpack the value drivers that you want to see from your hyperscale cloud investment and we can create a strategy for you that helps you to achieve your goals. Here are just some of the benefits you can experience when working with us to build your hyperscale cloud profile:

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