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SAP On-Premise

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There are multiple reasons to keep running your SAP instances on-premise. There are certain industries that are mandated by regulations to run their systems on-premise, or you might still have a big hardware investment that needs to be used to its maximum potential, or you may still be bound by on-premise software licensing.


Total Control Over Your Environment

On-premise environments retain all their data and are fully in control of what happens to it. Highly regulated industries have extra privacy concerns and are hesitant to leap into the cloud.

Several industries are required by regulatory control and laws to host their data and information within a geographical region or border. Some countries still rely on on-premise data centers.

In some industries there is a need to have your data centres close to users to ensure low latency and predictable performance that can only be guaranteed over private LAN and WAN connections


Working With The Right Partner

With ETZ Global you have a partner with decades of experience in SAP and a proven track record of supporting, implementing and migrating SAP systems to, or from any platform.

Migrate to SAP using an on-premise environment