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SAP S4/HANA: The Risk Strategy

SAP S4/HANA: The Risk Strategy

SAP S4/HANA: The Risk Strategy

If you’re thinking about migrating to S4/HANA, then you’re probably thinking of all the business benefits this new system will bring. It will shine. It will be cutting edge. And it will introduce fresh and shiny new options, features and capabilities to your business. It’s going to polish up those applications, add a gloss to your modifications, and generally just put your business straight onto the digital transformation map.

SAP S4/HANA: The Risk Strategy

You’re right. Of course. But have you been thinking about the risks that come with your S4/HANA migration? Are you taking a greenfield approach or are you going to have to move all your legacy systems? Are those legacy systems able to move? How long is this going to take? And, of course, will there be complications and delays?

The short answer is…yes.

Don’t Panic

First, there’s always risk. Whether you’re going to the shops to buy milk or making the complex and challenging leap to S4/HANA. However, risk doesn’t mean stop. It means plan. It means be prepared for the complexities, challenges, unexpected delays and uncertainties that lie ahead so you can deal with them efficiently. It means approaching your migration with smart and strategic steps so that you can fully realise the potential of your technology investment.

S4/HANA brings some really fantastic capabilities to your business and it delivers measurable return on investment (ROI). A Forrester study found that increased revenue thanks to the functionality enabled by S4/HANA was nearly $156 million across respondents.

Which makes it worth the risk.

There are several challenges that tend to emerge during a S4/HANA conversion that include:

  • Insufficient planning and preparation
  • Complex data transfers and legacy custom code
  • Limited visibility into system and data
  • Disorganised migration strategy

These are common problems that tend to crop up during most migrations, but for S4/HANA the scale of the move will impact the scale of these problems. Insufficient planning or incompatible legacy apps can have a significant time and cost impact on the business.

SAP S4/HANA: The Risk Strategy

This is why we’ve developed the ETZ Global SAP S4/HANA Migration Primer Service

The ETZ Global SAP S4/HANA Migration Primer Service is designed to provide you with relevant and detailed insight into your silos, legacy challenges, processes, systems, infrastructure and business. And this insight, in turn, will help you to refine how you approach your S4/HANA migration and how well you leverage its capabilities in the future.

We developed the service because we’ve been working with global organisations for years, helping them to migrate and shift their systems and infrastructure and get a handle on their technology investments. We’re also a certified SAP partner – we won the APN SAP Partner of the Year Award in 2020 – with a global footprint which means we know how to build a SAP strategy that works for you, and your unique business.

Discover the ETZ Global SAP S4/HANA Migration Primer Service and create a solid and trusted strategy that will mitigate your risks and enhance your S4/HANA experience. Contact one of our expert consultants to find out how we can help you make your S4/HANA migration as seamless and risk-free as possible.

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