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Safeguarding Your Investment

Empowering SAP Security and Authorizations to Reduce Risk

You’ve invested significantly in your SAP environment, and it has likely become a vital component in the efficient functioning of your business and is likely already protected from disasters or data corruption

There are, however, potential risks from within your organisation, whether inadvertent or deliberate. 

SAP Security and Authorizations is a module on its own within an SAP system, providing extensive flexibility when it comes to designing a strategy that balances adequate access to your users for a smooth-running organisation, whilst securing against accidental damage or deliberate attacks. 

This requires experts in the field, with security AND business experience in SAP, who design models that can be implemented and thereafter maintained by your own staff. These experts are vital at early stages of new SAP implementations to ensure that the right strategy is implemented from the start. They are also capable of analysing your existing environment and finding holes that need to be patched to prevent breeches that could cripple your business.

ETZ Global expertise is available for your new implementations to design a strategy from scratch, or to complement your existing security team where you have gaps that need to be filled. Contact us.

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