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When your ERP is all grown up and ready to go

Legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments often don’t deliver on their promised premise. In fact, Forrester believes that the real value of ERP can only be found in building digital operations platforms that that allow for increased agility, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and that fully leverage the value of experience, insights and data.

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4 things modern erp systems do for your business

4 things modern ERP systems do for your business

McKinsey summed up one of the biggest problems that has plagued the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation – no clear return on business value. This is not a small problem. The cost of implementing an ERP technology platform can be high and it brings with it complexity and customisation expectations that take time to

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Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP

Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP A well-integrated, high-functioning enterprise resource platform (ERP) will provide decision-makers with connected insights throughout the organisation by bringing together information from across the critical silos of human resources (HR), distribution, sales, marketing finance, and more. It has also become a competitive differentiator.  At a time when

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Three reasons to think SAP HANA

A relational database with support for numerous ERP, CRM and business intelligence applications, SAP HANA is a fast and effective database that bypasses the hard drive in favour of in-memory data. It’s this speed – this blisteringly fast access to data – that has put SAP HANA on the corporate map. It can deliver insights

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AWS case study for ETZ GLOBAL, provided by Adriaan Fourie, Director of Project Delivery at Savantis group

About At Savantis group we’re solving real business challenges for our customers through innovation and deep industry knowledge. Our suite of enterprise solutions and services ensure long term customer success. We work with customers in Hospitality & Entertainment, Retail, and manufacturing to help them with full life cycle services focused on ERP, CRM, Mobility, Analytics,

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