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Why control is critical for companies leveraging cloud for growth

SAP is offering RISE with SAP in an attempt to help customers get started with cloud adoption, aligning with the global trend for digital transformation. This may not suit all customers especially those who need to maintain control, have regulatory requirements and who will require customization beyond SAP standard code and business functionality. Four reasons

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The ETZ Global SAP S4/HANA Migration Primer Service

In five years, it’s deadline time. Organisations will have to complete their migration to SAP S4/HANA, a process that can potentially be time consuming, complex and costly. While 2027 may seem like a lifetime away today, the time will fly. Now is the right time to undertake a readiness check, to gain a clear roadmap

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The ETZ Global S4/HANA Migration Toolkit

Navigating SAP S4/HANA migration, intelligently

For many companies looking ahead to the 2027 route to the SAP S4/HANA deadline, the road looks a lot like it’s filled with potholes and traffic jams. The reality is that migration to S4/HANA does require planning and preparation to ensure the move is coherent and seamless. The truth is that with this planning and

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