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Leveraging Hybrid Connectivity For Business Growth In 2021

Leveraging hybrid connectivity for business growth in 2021

This year can be defined as one where everything is changing while it all still stays the same. The same pandemic. The same pressing business questions. The same need to embed technology that gives the organisation the agility it needs to adapt to constant change in market and customer need. The reality is that 2021

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Building The Perfect Multi-Cloud Architecture

Building the perfect multi-cloud architecture

When it comes to cloud investment, the choice between public, private, hybrid or an interconnected web of the three, is down to organisation requirement and sector. The financial sector, bound by rigorous compliance regulations and privacy laws, is held tightly within the constraints of private cloud but can squeeze out immense benefit from a hybrid

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Distributed cloud

Never put your cloud in one place…

Welcome to distributed cloud. Don’t put your cloud in one place. Introduced by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and multiple datacentres across multiple locations, the distributed cloud is about to change the world of work. Again.  Gartner defines the distributed cloud as the ‘distribution of public cloud services to different physical

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