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Three reasons to think SAP HANA

A relational database with support for numerous ERP, CRM and business intelligence applications, SAP HANA is a fast and effective database that bypasses the hard drive in favour of in-memory data. It’s this speed – this blisteringly fast access to data – that has put SAP HANA on the corporate map. It can deliver insights

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SAP Business Suite 7

It’s another six years for SAP Business Suite 7

In February 2020, SAP announced that it was extending its maintenance commitment for SAP Business Suite 7 software until the end of 2027, a good two years longer than its original commitment of 2025 and a nice six years into the future. There’s also optional extended maintenance available until the end of 2030, so anyone

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SAP Netweaver. Should you stay, or should you go?

The move from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA doesn’t have to be an all-out bolt out the stable, there’s plenty of time. SAP NetWeaver has been a solid and reliable part of the SAP software stable for 15 years. Built on the Service-Oriented Architecture approach, it’s a flexible and powerful tool that helps the business

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