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Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP

Five signs your business has outgrown its legacy ERP A well-integrated, high-functioning enterprise resource platform (ERP) will provide decision-makers with connected insights throughout the organisation by bringing together information from across the critical silos of human resources (HR), distribution, sales, marketing finance, and more. It has also become a competitive differentiator.  At a time when

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Deadlines aren’t drawn in the cloud

Cloud migration must follow a clearly defined strategy to ensure it hits deadlines and meets expectations In our previous article, Leapfrog the migration challenge, we examined some of the essential steps to ensuring a seamless cloud migration for the organisation. Alongside having the right skills, developing a clear strategy is considered one of the most

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the Right partner for Cloud Migration Strategy

Leapfrog the migration challenge.

Find the right skills and support to ensure a seamless migration into the cloud. A recent survey by O’Reilly examined the challenges faced by more than 500 IT executives when it came to cloud, migration, and investment. The survey found that around 45% of CxOs found the migration from legacy architecture was one of the

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