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The buzzword for 2020? Collaboration.

The buzzword for 2020? Collaboration.

The buzzword for 2020? Collaboration

Specifically SAP and AWS collaboration! SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been collaborating with one another to create inventive and, dare it be said, innovative solutions for their customers for more than 10 years. SAP is a hefty sized AWS customer and a significant percentage of SAP’s customers run the tech on the AWS platform. It’s a great example of a symbiotic relationship and it is one that has allowed for customers of both organisations to explore new use cases and experience more business benefits.

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In a recent article penned by AWS entitled ‘Building a Business Case for SAP on AWS to Unlock New Value for the Enterprise’, the authors from Deloitte Consulting and AWS pointed out that ‘leveraging SAP solutions in the cloud provides a platform for unlocking new value for the enterprise’.  Of course, the question is – how?

It’s the agile cloud-native

The blend of SAP S/4HANA’s digital capabilities with AWS’ scope and speed, one of the key benefits to the business is agility. Both platforms can adapt at speed and scale, flexing to meet specific enterprise requirements within operations and development. The two bring plenty of real-time capabilities to the proverbial party and allow for more scope to move to a cloud-native architecture.


SAP has shown a steady strategy of working with the leading hyperscalers to develop solutions that match client requirements, and this focus on collaboration is really key to the customer. It allows for enterprises that have invested into SAP infrastructure the elasticity that they need to manage costs, improve access and pivot on demand. The focus on being as agnostic as possible while leveraging the talents and capabilities of the different hyperscalers – AWS among them. 

Customers using SAP on AWS will appreciate the improved performance, faster workflows, impressive storage and network bandwidth deliverables, and the cost savings. They will also appreciate the fact that both organisations offer solid support and guidance, especially if implementations are managed by accredited partners. 

The accredited partner

Accredited SAP & AWS Partner

ETZ Global is an accredited SAP and AWS partner with plenty of years under our belts when it comes to implementation, customisation and solution development. We work closely with both AWS and SAP to help you migrate your organisation to the right platform so that you can enjoy the benefits of becoming a cloud-native and agile enterprise. We know how to help you deploy the infrastructure you need in only a few hours and how to make sure that you get the right service throughout.

Yeah. It really is in a few hours.

ETZ Global has a solid team and reputation and we can help you maximise your SAP investment and ease your transformation to the cloud. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create market-leading solutions using leading technologies from companies such as AWS and SAP that fit what you really need. 

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