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The flexible perfection of PMC

The flexible perfection of PMC

The flexible perfection of PMC

What do you want from your cloud? Is it flexibility? Is it customisation? Is it a single and predictable monthly operating expense (OPEX)? Or is it all three? For those of you who want a lot more from their cloud investment than promises and who want to tick all three of these boxes, there is SAP Partner Managed Cloud (PMC). This is a single, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that can be customised across cost and scale while providing the business with the option to move into the cloud at a pace that suits them. Here are five reasons why your business can benefit from SAP PMC:

01: SaaS

The flexible perfection of PMC

Everybody’s talking about SaaS, but what does it actually mean? This widely adopted solution reduces your reliance on the traditional technology ownership model which translates to increased agility and financial flexibility. It means that you can opt-in or out of software services dependent on your company requirements at any given time, adapting your investment to suit your business instead of the other way around. This reduces your reliance on ageing infrastructure and CAPEX significantly.

02: The host with the most

The SAP Partner Managed Cloud solution can be hosted on either AWS or on Microsoft Azure private cloud. This means that you get the tight security and control that you want without compromising on the benefits of cloud. You don’t need to juggle multiple commercial relationships or licensing requirements or maintenance needs as these are all taken care of with SAP PMC, and you are assured of the scale and security you need for your business.

03: Additional services baked in

SAP PMC also comes with one partner that will add immense value to your implementation and your future. ETZ Global has expertise in managing SaaS while adding in additional layers of service to your investment. Our team works with you to ensure that any SaaS services you need are managed following AWS, Microsoft Azure and SAP best practice so you get the best results. We have worked with multiple organisations, globally, to help them adopt state-of-the-art applications from SAP with lower upfront costs, streamlined implementation, and tangible results.

04: Move at your own pace

SAP has long recognised that companies don’t want to be forced to adopt cloud services at a set speed. Companies have different needs, different markets and different approaches so their cloud investment has to recognise these differences and be adaptable enough to match them. This is where SAP PMC really shines. It allows for you to enter into the cloud at a pace that suits you, at a price that works for your budget, and with the kind of flexibility that fits your specific strategy.

05: Combine it all into one simple package

Combine it all into one simple package

With SAP PMC, you can combine licensing, hosting, migration, implementation, and managed support into one comprehensive ecosystem. With secure hosting, rich connectivity to your existing infrastructure, a dependable IT backbone, and an optimised total cost of ownership, it’s a smart solution for the modern business looking to cut costs without cutting efficiency.

Get in touch with ETZ Global for immediate and expert advice on how you can leverage SAP PMC for your business. We can help you refine and adapt this platform to suit your needs, and help you create the perfect competitive difference for your business.

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