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The invaluable value of disaster recovery

The invaluable value of disaster recovery

disaster recovery

Resilience shapes sustainable success

Resilience. This has become one of the definitive words of the 2020s. The word that describes the organisation capable of bouncing back after a hack. That captures the efficiency of a company capable of remaining online during a pandemic. And that shapes sustainable success in a mercurial and uncertain operating environment.

The future of disaster recovery management and resiliency planning

According to McKinsey, the recent upheavals across politics, pandemics and societal uncertainty have shifted how business leaders approach resilience and how they manage disasters and their recovery. The survey asked more than 200 senior executives and professionals about risk management and resiliency planning in the future, and found that most have placed resilience as core to their strategies.

The value of disaster recovery planning

This is echoed in a recent IDC report that pulls the conversation round to the value of disaster recovery planning and strategy within the business. This is the data, the insights, the operations and the core of the business – all the elements that would be adversely affected in an attack. Every one of these is key to ensuring that the business stays, well, in business. After all, cybercrime has never been more active nor more successful than it is today and companies have to invest into resilience within the digital realm with the same intent and focus as they would with any other aspect of business disaster and risk management.

Importance of recovery solutions that embeds resilience

IDC believes that this is seeing a rise in the concept of a cyber-recovery service where third-party service providers deliver smart protections and solutions to organisations embattled on every front. The company has found that ransomware recovery has limited success, that data is regularly lost, and that it has become critical for companies and service providers to create solutions that embed resilience throughout. And that actually help recovery post-disaster.

The risks of doing business in the digital era

The reality is that your business is at risk of a technology failure, an unexpected system corruption, or a successful cyber-attack every, single day. These issues are common and they are debilitating. Losing entire systems and reams of data and days of work is expensive and can damage your reputation and your relationship with your clients. You have to be prepared for the risks of doing business in the digital era because the attackers, the hackers and the failures aren’t going to ignore you just because you’re ignoring them.

Investing in data recovery services

There is immense value in investing into disaster recovery services. These include cloud-based disaster recovery, continuous data replication, point-in-time recovery, enterprise-grade security, and so much more. With ETZ Global, that ‘so much more’ is exactly what we offer. On top of all those services, we also provide robust disaster recovery support across multiple systems and services and help you to minimise your downtime by leveraging our technology and long-standing expertise

We collaborate with you to implement a disaster recovery plan that fits what you need realistically – whether this is cloud or on-prem or solutions-driven, we can help you adjust your risk and resilience to fit your expectations.

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