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The statistics of cloud

The statistics of cloud

ETZ Cloud Investment Trends

It is nearing the end of 2020, the year that changed the face of enterprise cloud investment forever. The year that introduced remote working, revamped security and immediate digital transformation to almost every organisation on the planet. As the months pull the world towards a new year, this is the right time to take a look at the statistics that are shaping cloud investment, hybrid cloud, hyperscaler and solution provider and that point to the trends that lie ahead.

The statistics of cloud

1. Cloud revenue growth is slowing down

According to statistics released by VentureBeat, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are showing signs of slowed revenue growth. The giants of cloud released their fourth quarter results and the numbers are declining. This doesn’t mean that cloud is about to collapse inwards on itself but rather that businesses are making more cost-efficient and focused cloud investment decisions.

2. AWS is still in the cloud market lead

ETZ Cloud Investment Trends

Research undertaken by Canalys shows that AWS continues its grip on the cloud market with a 31% market share. Its closest competitor is Azure at 20% with Google Cloud and Alibaba holding 6% and 5% respectively. The remaining 37% of cloud slices are divided up between other cloud platforms and providers which really does underscore exactly how big AWS is right now. 

3. The Hybrid Cloud market is likely to increase

According to AMA, the global hybrid cloud computing market is set to grow by 21.9%. This figure is based on an analysis of key factors such as market status, growth factors, competitive landscape and manufacturer. The report also predicts that by 2025 around 80% of organisations will have migrated towards the cloud.

4. Digital is the key to economic recovery

In a recent webinar, McKinsey examined the remarkable growth of eCommerce in the United States thanks to the pandemic and how digital is the key to unlocking global economic recovery. From the use of artificial intelligence and data to the targeted modernisation of technology capabilities, the firm points to the need for digital transformation now, more than ever. 

5. Hybrid cloud will be part and parcel of 75% of midsize to large organisations

Hybrid Cloud Market

Gartner has boldly stated that around 75% of medium to large organisations will have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud strategy by 2021. The research giant has also said that the next few years will also see 7% of databases on a cloud platform, 75% of large enterprises using low-code development tools for IT application development and that the Internet of Things will continue to rise in popularity and development. 

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