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The Value of Hybrid Cloud for modern business operations

The Value of Hybrid Cloud for modern business operations

Hybrid has become the definitive word of the modern organisation. Hybrid working, hybrid workloads, hybrid cloud. It is a blend of the on-premises and public cloud that’s most prolific today, driven largely by the ubiquity and control that this hybrid cloud delivers. Hybrid cloud solutions can cut costs, increase scale, add flex to unpredictable workloads and help the business to maximise its investments to suit its needs, on demand.

Hybrid can be the best of both worlds. It can give you control, visibility and security without compromising on flex and ability. And it allows for you to retain your legacy environment while incrementally implementing next-generation technology at a pace and price point that suits your business strategy and budget.

However…hybrid must be done with intent.

Implementing the hybrid solution your business needs

Implementing a hybrid cloud solution isn’t plug-and-play nor is it one-size-fits-all. It has to be intelligent and customised, carefully curated to realistically deliver what your organisation needs. Shoving technology into gaps won’t achieve the benefits that it promises. What you need is full visibility into your cloud architecture, existing infrastructure, and your systems so you can develop a strategic approach that ensures every touchpoint and pain point is addressed.

Ideally, you need the right partner on your cloud journey, whether you’re starting out with a proof of concept, implementing a small step on the road to hybrid, or moving into a comprehensive hybrid cloud investment. ETZ has been working in this space for years, and we’ve a proven track record with leading global organisations, helping them to implement hybrid cloud solutions that deliver measurable results.

Key Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Strategies

We’ve developed several key solutions and strategies to help you move along the cloud road. Our SAP migration tool has been designed to provide you with intense visibility into your systems and into any potential sticky areas that may require more comprehensive modification or time to shift across to a new architecture. We developed it to help companies build a clearer picture of their IT infrastructure, and anyone can use it to assess exactly what they can expect from their move to the cloud.

SAP, AWS, Microsoft Azure – we’ve got the experience to also help you benefit from the interoperability within these different environments. Or to help you move exclusively into one environment to create a dedicated ecosystem that fits your business.

Moving your SAP infrastructure into the cloud doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Benefitting from a hybrid cloud investment doesn’t have to be the equivalent of stumbling through a desert with no signposts. The entire process can be seamless and effortless if you know where you are going, what tools best fit your business, and you have a realistic view of what your hybrid cloud investment can achieve.

We get it. We know the route. And we can ensure that your migration is fast with minimal disruption and risk. Find out more here.

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