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Three reasons to think SAP HANA

Three reasons to think SAP HANA

A relational database with support for numerous ERP, CRM and business intelligence applications, SAP HANA is a fast and effective database that bypasses the hard drive in favour of in-memory data. It’s this speed – this blisteringly fast access to data – that has put SAP HANA on the corporate map. It can deliver insights and information in real-time with an architecture that’s been simplified and streamlined over the past ten years. 

SAP consistently innovates and expands the platform and the capabilities of the applications that rely on it, making it a reliable choice for the organisation that wants agility and capability in the current market. There are several reasons why SAP HANA is a solid investment for the business, but here are our top three:

Reason 01: It’s all about the predictions

SAP has released an upgrade for S/4 HANA, it’s next-generation business suite that’s built on SAP HANA, every year since it was first released and the most recent version, 1909, has introduced even more advances and features to the platform. This latest release continued SAP’s focus on automation and machine learning with additional features embedded into the SAP HANA digital core – the architecture designed to support automation and machine learning applications in the organisation. This recent upgrade is one of the three reasons why your business should be thinking SAP HANA in 2020.

As the SAP S/4HANA documentation says, “SAP is re-architecting its solution for modern business processes that the ever-increasing digitization of the world demands.”

Reason 02: SAP HANA is fast

If your business has migrated to SAP HANA effectively, then you’re looking at speeds that you never experienced in your working life before. SAP HANA’s ability to access, sort and deliver data at speed is one of its most definitive features and, after ten years, the database is still one of the best on the market. The blend of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) into a single structure streamlines the management and storage of information and massively improves analytics and information access. 

When working with data and information, speed is crucial. It improves performance, processing, deliverables and business productivity. 

Reason 03: It’s interoperable and delivers ROI

Within the speeds and the efficiencies of SAP HANA lie cost-savings and easy integration capabilities. This platform integrates seamlessly with most third-party applications which, in turn, reduces downtime and hassles on implementation. It also removes the need to re-invest budget into new applications as many legacy solutions can be integrated into your SAP HANA foundations. This simplified integration plus the high-speeds and instantaneous access to data play a significant role in reducing the total cost of ownership of the platform, as well as in seeing a measurable return on investment. Migration across to SAP HANA has solid benefits in scale, flexibility, productivity, analytics and business intelligence.

That said, the benefits experienced by the business are only as good as the implementation. Work with the right partner – get expertise and support that understand exactly what can go wrong (and things will go wrong), and how to ensure that the migration is effective and relevant. There’s no magical cure for broken business processes and applications within SAP HANA, but there is a foundation for a more agile and streamlined digital business that can help you leave these problems behind. Speak to ETZ Global about the challenges faced by your organisation and find out if SAP is the road your company needs to take on its journey to digitalisation. 

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