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Unpacking the SAP S4/HANA Opportunity

Unpacking the SAP S4/HANA Opportunity

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In 2027, organisations will be required to be fully migrated to the SAP S4/HANA next-generation digital core to ensure interoperability and ongoing system capability. For some, unpacking the SAP S4/HANA opportunity may feel like yet another complication to deal with in a landscape littered with pandemic and economic complexity, but there is value in this move to the business functions on offer from SAP S4/HANA. Value that can help the organisation navigate uncertainty with more scale and flexibility than in the past.

SAP S4/HANA adds value

This is why…

1. The clue is in the name

The S in SAP S4/HANA stands for ‘simple’ and the ‘4’ represents SAP’s fourth-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. The simplicity that it advertises can be found in the new architecture and data models that have been refined and redefined for the modern organisation. If any IT leader were asked, right now, what they would sacrifice for a simpler and more scalable infrastructure, their answer would probably be, “Anything!”. Fortunately, with the right partner, neither the IT leader nor the business have to sacrifice anything to migrate effectively to SAP S4/HANA simplicity.

2. Speed is everything

SAP S4/HANA runs on the incredibly fast SAP HANA in-memory database that’s light years beyond its predecessors when it comes to speed and processing capabilities. The SAP HANA in-memory database doesn’t load the data from the hard disk to the RAM, it stores the data in a hybrid in-memory database that combines object-oriented based technology along with row-based and column-based technology and parallel processing with a multi-core CPU architecture. By storing the data in memory rather than on the disk, the speed of data is increased exponentially, delivering relevant and insights-driven business functions at an unprecedented pace.

3. Intelligence is baked in

SAP Fiori comes part and parcel with SAP S4/HANA and this is, according to SAP the ‘UX of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way you work’. Integrated tightly with the capabilities and speeds of SAP S4/HANA feature sets, SAP Fiori helps the organisation to fully unpack the potential of data and to create apps and solutions that translate into customer engagement and business growth. This technology allows for your company to realise the potential of app development with simple and preconfigured toolkits that are UI technology independent and that slice development time significantly. It’s the design, development and delivery of applications that meet customer and business requirements in a box tied with a future-proof bow.

4. Pick a cloud, any cloud

SAP S4/HANA isn’t limited in terms of implementation. Your company can implement this scalable ERP solution in the public cloud, on-premise, or on hybrid cloud. The implementation can be customised and scaled to suit your very specific company requirements and strategic planning, allowing for you to remain compliant with your industry regulations without compromising on performance. With the right partner, you can explore your SAP S4/HANA purchasing options and unpack exactly which model best suits your operating environment.

ETZ Global Expertise
ETZ Global has extensive SAP S4/HANA expertise across multiple countries, industries and applications. We understand exactly how to leverage the capabilities of SAP S4/HANA to achieve your very unique business goals, and budgets. Let us help you optimise your future, contact us.

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