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When your ERP is all grown up and ready to go

When your ERP is all grown up and ready to go

Legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) investments often don’t deliver on their promised premise. In fact, Forrester believes that the real value of ERP can only be found in building digital operations platforms that that allow for increased agility, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and that fully leverage the value of experience, insights and data. This can only be achieved by building a business backbone that’s capable of evolving with technology and the times – by recognising that it’s time for legacy ERP to grow up and go to university, and deliver a tighter and more well-rounded digital experience.

Putting your ERP through university

There are several ways in which the business can evolve its existing ERP approaches and benefit from the value on offer from next-generation ERP platforms.

1. Focus on building a digital-first business

When your ERP is all grown up and ready to go

The digital operations platform (DOP) is less a concept presented by research firms and analysts and more a powerful reality that allows for the business to extract full value from its ERP investment. It’s a reinvention of the back-end from weighty, lumbering beast to agile methodology that puts data front and centre. It ensures that you have the tools you need to comprehensively and intelligently evolve your business in the right digital directions. To achieve this goal, look to an ERP platform that’s been designed for the cloud, digital and next-gen business functionality.

2. Choose the right ERP platform from the outset

This may sound easier than it is, but the reality is that you need a platform that’s not going to hit end of life just when your business needs a fresh lease on life. You want a platform that’s cloud-native, digitally-driven and powered by technology and a company that’s got a long-standing reputation. That way, you not only gain access to a breadth of innovative ERP services and customisations, but you know that you’re investing into an ecosystem that will consistently deliver new innovations and services to market, and your ERP platform.

3. Assess your costs and expectations

One of the most common complaints that comes with ERP investment is that it costs more than expected, more than it should. This can remain a problem with a next-generation ERP investment if business strategy, cost expectations and ERP platform are not aligned. It’s every easy for any one silo or customisation to extend the budget, or for departments to dig into services without an understanding of the costs. This makes it incredibly important to focus on very specific implementation planning and strategy so that the move is smart and tight. This will not only ensure that the ERP meets the business needs head on, but that it does so without overrunning the budget.

ETZ Global is a recognised SAP partner with extensive ERP implementation, planning and strategic expertise. We can provide you with hands-on support as you look to moving your ERP platform from legacy to next-generation, and give you visibility into costs, tech, long-term sustainability and more. Get in touch with us to find out how you can revitalise your ERP and stay ahead of the digital curve.

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