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Five reasons why the move to SAP S4/HANA isn’t going to kill your IT teams or break your business!

Five reasons why the move to SAP S4/HANA isn’t going to kill your IT teams or break your business!

Migrate Schmigrate – five reasons why the move to SAP S4/HANA isn’t going to kill your IT teams or break your business

In five years, the deadline to move from legacy SAP infrastructure to SAP S4/HANA will have arrived. In 2027, there is absolutely no reason why your business should be struggling to rapidly and prioritise a migration that you can manage perfectly easily, and cost-effectively, today. As the world steps into second digital transformation gear, this is the perfect time to put your digital ducks in a row and undertake a solid SAP S4/HANA migration.


Wait! You shout. It’s too expensive. It’s too complicated. There’s plenty of time!

01: Migration today is the same as an apple a day, it keeps the cavities away…

If you plan your migration strategy now, you get to bypass the last-minute rush, the unnecessary complexity, the unplanned downtime and the expensive uncertainty. Instead, you get a meticulously planned move thanks to our intelligent SAP S4/HANA migration strategy. Like the dentist always says – if you look after your systems today, you’re unlikely to find unexpected holes that cause painful delays later. This will not only help you move onto the S4/HANA migration path more effectively, but it will radically reduce the stress on your IT teams over the next five years. 

02: About the costs…

Our SAP S4/HANA Migration Primer Service toolkit is designed to provision your system on AWS as a Proof of Concept (PoC) copy. This is then analysed to unpack the effort required to fully transition to SAP S4/HANA so you can properly plan for whatever lies ahead – and make the transition intelligently. This solution helps you to evaluate your system performance on AWS and fully grasp the cost and effort required. 

This is the key – you don’t walk into your S4/HANA migration blind. You gain a full 360-degree view of your migration, how your customised and modified systems will be affected, what systems will be compatible, and how much conversion is required. And you gain visibility into the costs you can expect from a full migration. 

03: It really shouldn’t wait…

Perhaps one of the most common statements made by companies staring the S4/HANA migration in the face is – there’s still plenty of time before 2027. Sure, five years is a long time, but it also isn’t. So, embark on a once-off service that doesn’t replace your in-house resources or preferred vendors, but does fully evaluate the effort and complexity. That way, you know exactly how long a full S4/HANA migration is going to take you, and you can plan accordingly. Complication, removed.

04: This is very complicated…

Yes, it is. You’ve got unique systems and customisations that will fundamentally impact your S4/HANA migration strategy and planning. Using proven knowledge and experience combined with the output from the Migration Primer Service exercise will identify the volume of custom code you currently use and the level of complexity. This knowledge will help you better prepare for your S4/HANA migration and remove several barriers to success.

05: There is a roadmap

You don’t have to undertake your S4/HANA migration in one giant bite. You can use the ETZ Global readiness check roadmap that helps you eat that elephant, one byte at a time. From unpacking your custom code to a PoC copy of your Source Production on AWS to determining the most viable course of action for your business, we have a fully prepared and tested S4/HANA migration toolkit ready for you to use. It’s migration, simplified.

Migrate Schmigrate

ETZ Global has extensive SAP S4/HANA expertise across multiple countries, industries and applications. We are extensively qualified, our teams are hand selected, and we are recognised as thought leaders in SAP workload management and hosting, globally. Let us help you discover your readiness for SAP S4/HANA, today, contact us.  

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